Hanging Art, Mobiles and Wind Chimes

In general, hanging mobiles can just about anywhere inside and outside your home. They can be in your garden, on your patio, on your windows or deck, from inside your porch, and any other place that you can imagine.

For thousands of years, mobiles have been in existence in the form of wind chimes. People in Rome, Greece and Asia made these art forms using bronze or glass and attached them with bells before hanging them outdoors in order to bring good luck or to ward off evil spirits. Others, such as the people in Finland, would make traditional hanging sculptures made of straw (himmelis) and place them above the dining table in order to earn a good crop for the following year.

Traditional Bamboo Wind Chimes

Wind chimes made in traditional bamboo material have been around a long time yet managed to remain popular until today. Usually, these bamboo mobiles are hung in the balconies of traditional homes that are on stilts. If you’re a fan of anything that has an orient feel, you can opt for bamboo or wooden chimes.

Sun Catchers

Make your own dangling “chandeliers” and watch them spin, dance and sparkle under the sun. Use your imagination when putting together various materials such as fan rosettes, seashells, tiny umbrellas, glass shards, and hanging beads.

Dangling Lamps

Gather and collect lamps then suspend them from a rope in order to have a great décor piece over your window or door or any part of a wall. You can also hang your favorite items such as twigs and branches, beaded necklaces or even old shoes that you can’t bear to throw away just yet.

Hanging Bottles

Find old glass bottles of any size and shape and easily transform them into a cheap yet decorative art form. Suspend them in a row on a rod or on a clothes line in your garden. You can even fill the bottle with water and fresh flowers and then replace them at any time that you wish. You can also use dried flowers and branches if you want to create a rustic look. Be sure to hang them under a covered part of the house to protect them during the rainy days.

Wooden Discs

This type of mobile art can work both inside and outside the house. Use rainbow-colored circles to create a simple yet captivating mobile art. You can also add a wooden initial or another shape or form.

House Keys

Got a lot of old keys that are hanging around and are no longer in use? Turn them into a wind chime by applying bright colored paints and suspending them on a painted tree branch.

Bottle Caps

Use small hooks or simply a strong thread for hanging together your bottle caps. They make good outdoor décor and can add more character to any space in your house.


A unique way to display your small knick knacks from trips is by turning them into a Boho Mobile art. You can use anything such as display figurines, oversized charm bracelet, holiday bells and more. This mobile art can also turn into an instant conversation topic that leads to a fun exchange of travel stories and anything else under the sun.