Glazed Pottery and It’s Beauty

You may have been searching for an addition to your outdoor patio, landscape or maybe even indoor space and came across what is called a ceramic planter or glazed planter.  You may be asking, what am I getting myself into with this so called ceramic planter? Ceramic and Glazed planters are typically one in the same.  These planters are made out of terra cotta and then glazed with many different colors, or the same color, and fired at high temperatures.  This may bring you back to your art class days in junior high or high school when you created pieces of art work out of clay and then had them fired  in the school’s art studio kiln. You would be correct in thinking this.  It is a very similar process that occurs, on a much larger scale of course.

Ceramic and glazed planters and fountains give you a variety and richness that many other materials are unable to do.  Take fiberglass planters for example.  Coloring is typically infused within the fiberglass material, creating a very matte but yet consistent coloring.  Cast stone garden accents are often stained to specific colors, but these colors are often not very bright and vibrant which can work well for many outdoor spaces.  But for those of us that truly like to think out of the box and love to bring bright vibrant colors into our spaces, ceramic pieces are often the best choice.

Glazed planters can often be found many places such as big box retailers.  The type and quality of the products you will find at the big box retailers is going to vary quite a bit from those purchased from companies that directly import pottery. The pieces may lack in uniqueness and may not be the size you are searching for.  These types of retailers may also only have one single planter, when really you are in need of two to create the perfect walkway out to the backyard.  That’s where comes in, our ceramic planters come directly from the import manufacturer to your own home.  Not only is that quite a bit easier then trying to figure out how you are going to get a 40″ tall pot into your mini-van but it also allows you to browse a wide selection of colors and shapes that are available.

We pride ourselves on providing some of the most unique and beautiful ceramic planters out on the market.  Our large selections allow you to choose just about any color in the rainbow, or even the rainbow if you’d like! We have some very unique shaped, art pots, like the Belen or Isleta that can be used outdoors just as easily as indoors in your foyer or living room for a beautiful accent piece. One of the things you will often find with our ceramic planters is that you get more for your money!  Most of our ceramic planters come in sets, whether it be sets of 3, 4, or 5, you get a full collection of pottery in the same beautiful colors.  This allows you to easily decorate any outdoor space with many different levels as the pots within the sets typically vary in size. This also allows you to tie in your outdoor space with your indoor space by placing one of the smaller pots indoors on a tabletop or in the living room as an accent piece.

Understanding the beauty of ceramic pottery can help you make a better choice for your indoor or outdoor space. Are you searching for a specific color?  Feel free to contact us, we are more than happy to help you find that perfect blue, red, purple, green or any color pot! Browse our full selection of ceramic pottery by clicking here.


By: Susan Soler of the Team