Gifts – Bird Baths!

Bird Baths are a wonderful choice for any gift!  How often do we talk to each other and delight in the beautiful birds we saw fluttering around outside our windows while we were enjoying our morning coffee?  One of the best ways to invite many of your feathered friends to visit is by adding a bird bath to your garden, front yard, patio, porch, or terrace!  It has been said that birdbaths actually attract more birds than even bird feeders! Imagine that! We even have some creative indoor ideas for bird baths out of season!

There are many different types of birdbaths, from tall to short to miniature to magnificent.  No matter the size, they serve the same purpose, to give your feathered friends a place to bathe and drink.  It is important to know that bird baths should be no deeper than three inches deep.  In the event that you do have one that is a bit deeper, it is often suggested to add some decorative pebbles or rocks to the inside of the bird bath to cut down on the water depth.

Some of our customers’ favorite bird baths are themed.  From dragonflies to butterflies themed bird baths can be the perfect choice for a gift for mom or grandmom!  You know they have always loved watching the birds and hold a special place in their heart for butterflies, then we have the perfect choice!  Maybe your gift receiver simply loves the garden, then look no further, My Heart is in the Garden is a customer all time favorite. From the heart shaped top, to the pedestal showing the “My Heart is in the Garden” text, it a top choice for garden lovers! They will always think of you as they watch the birds play while sitting in their garden or watching from the kitchen window.

Not sure if its the right season to purchase a bird bath as a gift?  Bird baths make wonderful decorative pieces for the indoors, place a simple birdbath like the Isleboro Birdbath by the front door for the perfect place to drop keys, wallets, or notes to grab before you walk out the door!  The perfect height, bird baths such as these can be used in many different ways.  Or maybe consider a smaller,counter top size bird bath like the Kyoto Birdbath to place on your guest room dresser or bathroom counter top to showcase toiletries and small gifts to welcome anyone into you home! They will delight in your clever use of a beautiful piece of art.

Birdbaths can be used in so many different ways and make the perfect gift for newlywed love birds to even your favorite great grandmother, mother, or mother in law!
By: Susan Soler of the Team