Gifting for the Garden, and Under $100 too!

Studies show that most consumers purchase their holiday gifts before the end of October.  Can you believe that?  You may be behind a little bit, but we have some wonderful ideas for the upcoming holiday seasons that can be purchased today and arrive in time for the holidays, all under $100.00.  Whether you are searching for the perfect gift for you husband, wife, or even for the gift exchange at work, we have some excellent products that are sure to be something they don’t already have, because after all that seems to be the goal every holiday season, find something they don’t already have but can love!

When searching for something for a gift exchange you should think long and hard about the people that will be involved if it is a secret gift exchange.  Everyone lives somewhere, therefore our gifting ideas can work for any home, whether it be an apartment, condo, or someone who owns a home.  Some great gifts for a secret santa would be wall plaques.  These wonderful plaques can be used indoors or outdoors.  They can be hung or simply placed as a decoration on a mantel or even in the garden propped up against a rock or stone. If you are in the education field, consider something like the “2 Teach Plaque” or for a more neutral option, choose a Welcome Plaque that can be used in any type of home. Decorative Garden Rocks and stones also make great presents, usually under $50.00, these garden accents are a great choice if you have someone specific in mind.

Buying for someone close to you such as a sister, father, or husband can become very difficult when you know they already buy whatever it is they desire, but gardening gifts are an option many people do not think of.  For under $100.00, you can find many terrace, or patio sized planters.  These sometimes even come in sets, cutting down your costs.  If you feel like giving an empty planter isn’t much of a gift, then you can easily plant flowers or decorative holiday plants inside of the planters for a perfect gift giving idea. These will work for any person because they can be used inside as well as outside when the weather gets warmer.

Another great idea for any gift scenario are garden statues.  Available in many different materials, shapes, and sizes.  You will be able to find an animal that can suit just about any person.  Whether they have a love for cats or dogs or maybe even turtles there are many options for pint sized statues even under $100.00.  A universally loved cast stone statue that everyone seems to love is the Dragonfly, this beautifully detailed statue can be placed indoors or outdoors in a garden.  Kitty is also another great option for anyone who loves cats, this statue is so adorable that you will almost be surprised shes not real!

From Statues to Birdbaths Wall Plaques and More, has a wonderful selection of gifts for every age and interest.  Be sure to stop by and check our our full selection of gifts for under $100.00 and Hurry! the holidays are fast approaching!
By: Susan Soler of the Team