Cast Stone Planters versus GFRC: A Comparison

When looking for new outdoor garden decor, you will find that there are many different materials for you to choose from. You may find that planters and other products composed out of cast stone are a little to heavy for your project. For that, we bring you GFRC products.

GFRC stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. In real terms, this actually means that these products are kind of like a combination between lightweight, fiberglass materials and sturdy cast stone. So essentially, GFRC products are almost the best of both worlds! Products composed out of GFRC are great choices when you want to consider larger items such as commercial sized planters. Outdoor water features can also get quite heavy when made of cast stone.

One of the great things about GFRC products is they feature the same detailing and designs that intricate cast stone products. To show you just what we mean, we have here the Campania International LeNorte Square Planter  and the  Orleans Planter, Large.


Orleans Planter, Large


Can you tell which are the cast stone planters and which are GFRC?  See.. you really can’t!


LeNotre Square Planter
LeNotre Square Planter


The different comes when we start discussing the measurements and weights of the pieces.  The LeNotre Square Planter measures 36 inches wide and long and 33 inches tall. It’s not for the faint of heart! But the perfect planter for a large outdoor space or even a commercial location like a business, hotel, or hospital courtyard.

The second planter shown is the Orleans Planter, Large.  Measuring 24.75 inches long and wide and 23.25 inches tall, this planter weighs in at 275 lbs. A large planter indeed!  But, when you look at comparing the Orleans Planter to the LeNotre Square Planter, you will find that the LeNotre is actually 45% wider and longer and almost 42% taller than the Orleans Planter Large. But the LeNotre Planter weighs only 5% more for almost 45% more product!


While cast stone planters are also great choices, GFRC containers are truly a great option when you are looking for some of the largest planters on the market.  For all of our landscapers and design architects out there, our GFRC planters make creating the plans for your next large commercial job possible!  Available in any of Campania International’s 12 Patina’s (including natural, which will be white when ordering GFRC pieces)!


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By: Susan Soler of the Team