Gardening Gift Baskets for Any Occasion!

With the gifting season always around, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter or even Valentine’s Day, the thought of giving the perfect gift enters the mind. When it comes to gardening, we have lots of great gift ideas for your favorite gardener. Gifts include décor, tools, plants, and seeds! One great idea is to create a gardening gift basket, and we will tell you what to place in your basket to really make it the perfect gift!

One great gift idea to include in a gardening basket is garden gloves. Gardeners use these all year round to protect their hands, and therefore tend to go through them quickly. A gardener can have too many pairs of gloves, so adding a pair to the basket will be a much appreciated piece. To be even more creative choose gloves that match the personality of the gardener. For example if the gardener likes bold color and has a outgoing personality consider bright gloves in a fun pattern!

A watering can is another staple, something a gardener can really never have to many of. And they can be turned into great decorative planters as well. Another idea is a good sharp pair of clippers. A gardener will spend much of their time pruning and trimming their plants and flowers, and this tool is a necessity for any gardener. A small folding saw is another great tool, as this can often cut through branches that are too thick for a pair of clippers to cut through. These are great for plants that have a woody stem to them.

A gardener can also go through trowels and rakes relatively quickly as well. If the gardener is a grandparents, having extra tools for their grandchildren allows them to pass on their love of gardening. Therefore these two items are great to include in your gift basket! A kneeling pad is another great idea. This will help to protect the gardener’s knees as they work on low cut plants and flower beds. Comfort is key when working outdoors, especially when the weather is warm!

Instead of a basket, consider giving your favorite gardener a gardening caddy filled with these helpful tools. Caddies can often be found at your local garden store, and feature a wide open center, with pockets usually around the outside. These make transport easy on the gardener as it can be carried from site to site, with all the necessary tools right inside of it. If you know what kinds of plants the gardener prefers, or if they have a favorite, maybe include seeds for those plants in the basket. This is a special item, and when they are planted the gardener will think of you and your thoughtful gift!

Finally, a fun gift to include in your basket is a good book on gardening. When the gardener takes a break from their beautiful setting, they can sit back, relax, and enjoy the book in their garden setting. It can also give them ideas for the future, or teach them how to do something differently!

There are many other items that can be included in the gift baskets as well, like stakes, string, sprays, water bottles, small gardening pots for starter plants, wind chimes or other garden décor to name a few. No matter what you choose, the gift will be personalized and special. Something they will truly appreciate, which in turn will make you feel special too!

By: Susan Soler of the Team