Garden Pot Crafts for for Kids

There are so many great ways to reuse flowerpots and containers! One really fun and enjoyable way is to get your children involved in the process! Kids love projects, and parents love finding ways to keep children occupied for a little bit! These projects will satisfy both! If you have some old pots lying around, or you go to a garden center and pick up some pots, these activities are sure to entertain and delight the whole family!

Flowerpot crafts are beneficial to your child because it foster the growth of their imagination, their hand-eye coordination skills, and allow for some quality family time! Painting flower pots will allow your child’s imagination to run free. Simple set out some newspaper, set out acrylic paint and paint brushes of all sizes, cut up some old sponges, and allow children to paint away. When the paint dries, the pots can be further decorated with beads, buttons, ribbons, and glitter. Allow the kids to glue on these items and make a totally unique and personal pot. These pots can be planted or placed in their rooms to store their trinkets. They can also be filled with candies or baked goods and given as gifts. This is a great idea for teachers, bus drivers, babysitters, grandparents, etc.

Another fun project is decoupage! This can provide a lot of excitement for the whole family. You can use comic paper, tissue paper, wall paper, or cloth to decorate the pot. Simply glue the paper to the pot and great a textured design. Make the kids pick a theme, and then cut out pictures that match the theme for their pots. The decoupage mixture should be a watered down glue mixture that the kids dip the papers into and then stick onto their pots. Cover the entire pot with paper and then smooth it down with damp rag or sponge. After this dries, add one more coat of the decoupage, and let this dry as well. After this your pot is done, and you can use it as you please.

Children love to create things, so why not let them make garden bell ornaments? The shape of a flower pot, turned upside down, is the perfect bell shape! Add ribbon to the hole in the base, and let them paint or decorate the outside. These are great gifts for Christmas! Let kids paint the outside and add a candle to the inside for a wonderful gift idea as well!

Finally, kids can turn terra cotta clay pots into garden animals! They can create bumblebees, crabs, whales, bunnies, and so many more. The first step is to paint the pot the color of the animal with acrylic paint, apply a second coat just in case. You can paint on the eyes nose and mouths, or you can purchase eyes from most any craft store for added movement. Cut out ears, fins, tails, or other pats from felt, and glues them to the pot.  This create a three dimensional garden pal, that will be an exciting project and decoration for your home!

By: Susan Soler of the Team