Garden Gnomes-Welcome Them Into Your Home!

Gnome Home Garden-fountainsThere is nothing more magical and enchanting than the mythical little garden gnome statues!  Garden Gnomes have a long and varied history, that according to some, date back to the mid 1800’s. Not only does our gnome collection features exciting characters that will add a fun and playful focal point to your setting. We also offer accessories that allow your gnome garden to literally come to life! Our collection of gnome homes range in size and shape, allowing you to create the perfect little town. You can give your favorite gnomes their very own house! We also offer different sizes of fencing, allowing you to enclose the whole gnome village, or fence in particular houses. The variety of gnome accessories and characters allow you to create a mythical garden that is totally you!

PC Gnome Garden-fountainsYou can choose a collection of gnomes, whether it be Fred, Mudwiggen, or the humorous PC Gnome. We also have a planter – the Gnome Coach. These exciting little characters are full of charm and amazing detail! They will stand out in your garden or flowerbeds, sure to make an exciting focal point! Your garden guests are sure to find delight in these fun figures. This exciting collection will look perfect in its own little corner of your garden setting, creating a playful area that is both charming and whimsical or intermingle the pieces throughout a garden setting to create surprise and delight all over your garden!

This collection offers such a variety of products that you can slowly add to your setting over time. Perhaps you have a friend you adores these mythical figures, consider adding to their collection for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, or as a thoughtful thank you gift. These wonderful accents also make exciting indoor decorations for shelves or other focal points in your home. No matter how you choose to use the friendly figures and accessories, they will bring a smile to your face each time you view them!