Garden Fountain FAQ’s

You’re looking to purchase a garden fountain for your patio or home – but you’ve got questions. Lots of them. After all, this can be a sizable investment and all the options can be overwhelming. Here are the questions we get asked the most.

What type of electrical plug in do I need?


An indoor or outdoor fountain only needs to have a standard household GFCI outlet. If you’re using an extension cord outside be sure you verify it is designated as safe for outdoor use.

How long is the average pump electrical cord?


The length of most pump cords is about 6 feet. For larger fountains with a basin the pump cord will be long enough to sufficiently clear the width of the basin plus some extra. Please see the product descriptions for specifics on each fountain.

Is there special plumbing required?


No – all of the fountains are self-contained and the water recirculates inside the fountain body itself. For almost all residential garden or indoor fountains, simply refill the fountain with a hose or bucket.

How can I know how much sound it makes?


If you want a fountain that makes a lot of ambient water noise, remember this also creates a lot of splash activity, in general. The more times water interacts with the design features, splashing from basin to basin, for example, the more sound it will make. Instead, if you are looking for a fountain to be indoors then chose instead a style where the water clings more tightly to the surface of an urn or finial, draining into a basin so it will make a softer sound, but also reduce splashing.


How do I clean my garden fountain?


Keep the water inside your fountain basin free from yard debris. More importantly, always be sure you keep the pump cleanly circulating. This will help lengthen the life of your pump. Also, prevent algae build-up in the water by using a natural water treatment, which is safe for wildlife and animals. Several times a year, take a soft sponge to clean the basin of the fountain and change out the water.


Adding a garden fountain is a beautiful, easy design feature to add to your home, garden or patio. Knowing these basics can help you choose a fountain that makes your patio the envy of your neighborhood!  Posted by Jean Widner.