Fountain Accessories You Will Love

If you’re reading this you’ve probably picked out the perfect water fountain to balance out the rose garden and your coy pond. You’ve probably searched high and low for the fountain with the best detail, color or build. Maybe you even drew out a blueprint of what your yard would look like with it in your garden. However, you envision your beautiful fountain be sure to include these important essentials to maintain your overall theme.

Never Let the Pump Run Dry

Your fountain essentials should start with an Automatic Refill Device. This wonderful gadget is a true gift and its best feature, designed specifically for Campania’s International fountains, is the float alert. These pumps are designed with a floating device that automatically activates water refill when water levels in your fountains become too low. You’ll never have to worry about a dry fountain again with the Campania fountains. This is important because a pump can be ruined if it runs dry. No longer a worry for you with the Compania fountain. Now, the only thing you will need to go along with the device is a garden hose. The hose will need to be hooked into the device and will refill the fountain when it needs water. No need to check the fountain to make sure the pump is underwater. Instead, just listen to the soothing water and relax.

Control It Remotely

Just like the clap on and clap off, you can magically turn your fountain on with a click of a button. Don’t break your back trying to plug your fountain in and out of the socket. This gadget hooks right into your existing pump and comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the fountain on and off. This remote control can easily be used with most fountains and makes an excellent gardening gift.

Protect Your Fountain

The third accessory that you will absolutely need for your fountain is a cover. If the weather is hot, rainy or snowy – it doesn’t matter; you will need a fountain cover for all occasions. Prolong the life of your outdoor fountain and protect it from the cold, wet elements. The fountain cover is lightweight, durable and breathable so that moisture is released. It also shields against rain and protects against dust.

Remember if you invest in the beauty of purchasing a Compania fountain, be sure to get the necessary accessories to make owning and maintaining your fountain a joy.