Fountain Accessories You May Need

You’ve chosen the perfect fountain for your outdoor space. Now that you have that beautiful water feature, you may be thinking that you are missing something. We have some great fountain accessories to make your days easier and your fountain more enjoyable!

Keep it Filled

Auto Refill fountain accessories Garden-fountainsThe first addition we have for fountain is the Automatic Refill Device For Fountains. Designed for Campania International fountains, this wonderful gadget can be a true gift.  Whether your fountain is up against the extreme heat of a desert area, or maybe in an area where excessive splashing occurs, an automatic refill device can be a great option.

It works  by using a float to notify the device when the water levels in your fountain are too low. This ensures that the pump will never be without water.  This is important because when a pump runs dry and is without water, it can ruin the pump. The only thing you need to use this wonderful device is a garden hose. The garden hose simply gets hooked up to the device and will refill the fountain when it needs water.  No more making sure to check the fountain to make sure the pump is under water!

Remote Control

The second fountain device we think is truly amazing is the fountain remote control.  This wonderful gadget hooks right into your existing pump.  It comes with a remote control that allows you to turn the fountain on and off, whenever you wish!  No more walking up behind the fountain and plugging it in!  A true wonder to make sure you are getting the most out of the water feature in your backyard! This remote control can easily be used with most fountains and makes a great gift too!

Fountain cover fountain accessories Garden-fountainsFountain Covers

The third accessory we think makes life quite a bit easier are fountain covers.  While you may not be thinking you need a fountain cover now that spring and summer are here, you will still need this nifty cover once the cooler weather arrives. Fountain covers are designed to protect fountains and other outdoor garden accessories that are made out of cast stone.  They work by covering the fountain to ensure that no moisture, whether it be snow, rain or ice, can collect within the fountain.  When precipitation collects within these areas and freezes, it can actually cause cast stone fountains to crack.  While you can cover your fountain with a breathable material and then wrap in plastic, fountain covers make the job so much easier year after year.

Owning a fountain is a true delight, but with a few fountain accessories, you will be loving your fountain more and more each day! By Jean Widner of the team.