Fantastic Mythicals and Where to Buy Them


We wouldn’t want to be too cheeky now – would we? Mythical themed outdoor garden décor is one of the most common ways to decorate your garden or patio area. It’s also a way to collect pieces that will be treasured over time. So they’re a pleasure to give as well as to receive.


Mythical outdoor garden décor



Mythical styles have long been appreciated but have risen in popularity due to the efforts of JK Rowling’s books and films, not to mention The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. Through the efforts of’s team of vendors, we wanted to introduce you to some of these mythical designs, along with one of their main creative contributors, Fiona Jane Scott.


Fiona is a full time sculptor in Hove, England. She began sculpting in 1992 when a friend asked her to create a statue for her garden – and has not stopped since. Fiona has worked on special effects for two Harry Potter films and has her own company Pheebert’s Garden Statuary.


Inspired Animals and Characters


Fiona says “I love sculpting especially expressing character. I have always loved animals although as a child I hated any story books with animals dressed up as people or behaving like people. I especially love horses and dogs.” One look at her creations, and Fiona’s sense of humor and joy is immediately evident!


Mythical outdoor garden décor

What’s so unique about her work is that these fantastical creatures take on familiar characteristics. They look like our own pets. Puddles, for example, looks like any of our own young pups receiving a scolding for digging up the Azaleas again. Among her favorites is Yolonde, who was inspired by her regal German Shepard, Sheba. Fiona says she would lie on the bed and watch the world go by their window.


Fiona also designs people in mythical form such as elves, wizards and other comical characters. She says these designs are also inspired by real people, but we wouldn’t want to give any names, now would we! This fellow, Acorn, she says always makes her smile. “I think people have very busy stressful lives and their gardens and homes are often a retreat and sanctuary. I love creating pieces that will give people pleasure and comfort.”, says Fiona.


You can see all the Mythical cast of characters on our web site. We hope you’ll enjoy browsing these delightful creations and spread the smiles and good cheer they create.



Puddles and friend
Puddles and friend

Posted by Jean Widner of the team. Special appreciation and thanks to Fiona Jane Scott and her team.