Fall Gardening Trends for 2012

As the summer season begins to come to an end, you may be wondering how you should change up your outdoor decor for the upcoming fall season.  We’ve done our research and have a few fall 2012 trends we would like to share with you!

One of the newest, and most economical trends is the re purposing of existing garden elements. Using your existing pieces, you can easily change up the your outdoor landscape in a heart beat.  While you may have a running fountain that you absolutely adore, you may also have a fountain that has not been running for quite some some. Whether it is a tiered fountain, or a simple bowl design, reusing a non-working fountain is as simply as removing any water and getting some soil.  Using the tiers of the fountains, you can simply add soil to each of the tiers or bowls.  Plant colorful flowers or simple greens for a more modern approach.  You will easily create planters and containers that no one else in your neighborhood will have! Come next year, you can even plant small vegetables like cherry tomatoes in these very same tiers.

One of the next big trends is the creation of fairy gardens.  Fairy gardens are wonderful features because they are small enough that you could bring them indoors to a bay window or an empty tabletop, or you can create little fairy gardens among your gardens.  Whether you place items within the garden, or inside of long rectangular planters such as the Vela Planter.  Small gnomes can surrounded little garden features such as pagodas or a bridge.  Surround with another 2012 garden trend, succulents. Succulents are easy to take care of and will not take up much space, but will give your fairies and gnomes and a place to frolic and play!

As the weather gets cooler, your plants and flowers may not be able to survive outside. Another gardening trend is the transfer of your plants from the outdoors to an inside site.  Bringing plants and flowers indoors in existing containers, or maybe even more colorful ceramic containers, brings a healthy additional dose of oxygen right into your home.  Not only does it have a positive health effect, but it will also brighten your day by the beautiful, natural sights.  If you don’t have room inside of your own home, you could easily bring these plants indoors and replant them in beautiful color holiday colors and re-gift for family members on the holidays!

You may be resistant to the approaching cooler temperatures, but your garden is not.  It is looking forward to the revamp towards the fall gardening trends of 2012.
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team