Enjoying Your Outdoor Space

As the weather warms up, the desire to move out of doors calls to us! A patio or porch is a wonderful way to create a bridge a between the indoors and the outside! There are many ways to dress up your patio and the space around it, to create a welcoming and enjoyable outdoor room!

One key factor to creating a comforting outdoor room is noise control. The addition of a water feature to your patio or garden setting adds a tranquil and soothing sound to your setting. A simple tabletop fountain, like the Artifact Mini-Series Fountain, may be the perfect touch for a small setting. If your patio is larger, the addition of a pedestal fountain, like the Aya Fountain, would be a stunning accent for a corner space. Wall fountains are another great idea for a patio. The Winding Vine Wall Fountain brings the peacefulness of water in motion, while taking up little space on your patio.

Decoration is another aspect to consider for a patio. A perfectly placed flower pot, full or rich color and pleasant aromas will make an exciting accent for a setting.  Consider a classic urn, like the Litchfield Urn, and add a stylish and charming touch to your setting. For a more modern and colorful approach, add the Belen Planter, whose soothing glaze and tall stature can stand alone as a focal point. Or even use sets of planters to create a border between one living space and maybe a gardening space to stop visitors from walking through the growing garden.

Complete the look with charming sitting area. A great dining set will keep you outdoors and enjoying the sunshine and fresh air all summer long! If the space is not big enough for dining, consider a beautifully sculpted garden bench to sit along an empty wall. This will create a great focal point, while adding seating to your setting as well. You are sure to enjoy the sunny days on any outdoor seating area by enjoying a nice refreshing beverage or just spending a few moments to read your favorite book all while taking in nature.

There are many ways to turn a dreary patio setting into an enjoyable retreat! Choose a theme and then choose items that fit into your design! Be sure to account for sound, comfort, and general aesthetic appeal and you cannot go wrong! Explore our site and find products that will meet your needs and turn your outdoor space into an outdoor living room that can be enjoyed by all!
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team