Easy Fountain Assembly Instructions on YouTube!

If you’re looking to purchase a fountain, but feel uneasy about setting one up, then this post is for you. Installing a fountain is easy, with a bit of prep work and if you follow the included directions carefully.

Before you begin

Every manufacturer of the fountains we sell at Garden-Fountains.com will come with their own detailed instruction sheet. Most will have schematic drawings, and include all the parts you’ll need. Please take the time to review everything carefully, before you begin.

One of the most well known manufactures of garden fountains and decor is Campania International. They have created several “how to” instructional videos for you, showing several different common styles. We know it may seem overwhelming when you first take a glance at the assembly instructions from a manufacturer. But with a YouTube video anyone can do it!

Instructional videos by fountain type

Two-tier fountains, such as the Williamsburg Pineapple 2 Tier Fountain. This video gives you the general steps that apply to most any multi-tier fountain.

2-Teir Fountain

Seated cast stone wall fountains are a some of our best sellers. Here is a video showing The Moderne fountain, a customer favorite.

Another extremely popular style are in-gound fountains. Most often they have glazed or ceramic jar styles and a light-weight basin that you bury underground. Here’s a video showing how one of these fountains is installed.

Maybe you are looking at a completely different type of water feature. But if you watch these videos you’ll gain some understanding of what’s involved and confidence that really, anyone can install most basic fountains.

Now that you’ve seen just how easy it can be to assemble a fountain you can shop here and pick the perfect Campania Fountain for your outdoor space. Published by Jean Widner of the Garden-Fountains.com team.