Decorating for Fall Indoors And Out with Garden Accents

During the Spring and Summer months, we all enjoy the views of our garden statues, birdbaths, and fountains.  As these warmer months come to an end, we dread spending excessive amounts of time indoors. Our focus is inside, away from our outdoor landscape that we have spent so much time developing. We have a few wonderful ideas to bring those garden elements you once used outdoors to the inside! Use them in new and novels ways for the holidays or until the weather breaks again in Spring.

Bird Baths Have Many Uses

Sienna Hallway Garden-fountainsDecorating bird baths is a great way to make a garden element useful outdoors and indoors.  While still placed outside, birdbaths could make a great holding place for candy for your trick-or-treaters or even a wreath for the holidays. When bringing bird baths indoors, you can easily place them in your foyer by your front door or the entryway to the garage door as a place to put keys, reminder notes for the next day, and other items to easily grab while running out the door.  Place small, tabletop size birdbaths in your bathroom as a unique holder for soaps. They can hold decorative candles, or even sit in a guest room for washcloths and other toiletries.

Garden statues can easily be left outdoors and moved. Put them in locations that can easily be seen year-round. Such as from your dining room or near the front door keep them visible even when indoors. Buying smaller statues for use indoors only is another excellent idea. Many cast stone garden statues are small enough, but strong to be used as decorative door stops. Or add them as accent pieces next to the fireplace, or a paperweight on your desktop.

Water Features

While larger fountains should be winterized properly and not used during the freezing temperatures, there is no reason to believe you can’t enjoy a water feature during the fall and winter months.  Small tabletop fountains such as the Artifact Tabletop fountain make beautiful centerpieces on a dining room table for entertaining, or even on a side accent table in the foyer or living room. There are other indoor fountains that can easily bring the water element and all of its positive energy into the home.

Our Wall Fountains can sometimes be used indoors, and make wonderful decorations in just about any room.  Imagine drifting asleep to the soothing sounds of water trickling through the Shell Wall Fountain. Indoor and tabletop water features are great for renters as well.  These fountains can easily be placed indoors without the worry of having water issues.  Always make sure to test out the fountains to ensure they will not splash on your indoor surfaces.

Whether you have garden accents already outdoors that you love, or pieces you are looking to purchase, don’t let the cool weather stop you. Bringing garden accents indoors is an easy way to utilize pieces you already have in a completely different setting.