Creative Garden Ideas Anyone Can Do

A beautiful garden planter can add wonderful character to a garden setting, whether it is placed on a patio, set under an old tree, or used as the focal point placed on a pedestal. The great thing about garden planters is that you can make them yourself from recycled items that are found around the house or than can be easily obtained! This can cut down on expense while also creating a fun project! These creative ideas will add a new dimension to your garden setting, mixing delightfully with your existing planters!

If you have an old wooden pallet lying around, or you know where you can easily get one, you can turn it into a garden itself. The pallet will add height and dimension to your planting, perfect for placing against an empty wall. So, how does it work? Often you can find a pallet behind a dumpster of a supermarket, or at a trucking facility. Once you get it home, make sure you clean it up. It is best not to use ones made of pressure treated wood, as these have harmful chemicals that can leak into the plants. Repair any loose boards, and make sure nails are secured so they cannot hurt you or your walls. Pack in the plants, place the root balls between the slats and once all plants are added for that row pack in the needed extra soil. The plants can now be watered, and with care, the pallet will be an exciting garden!

For smaller garden containers that can be used indoors or outside, consider using an old paint can or coffee tin. Be sure to clean these out really well before planting or decorating. Begin by poking holes in the bottom on the can for drainage. You can than paint or decoupage the outside of the containers to make them artistic and stylish. Make sure you add some stone on the bottom to support drainage but keep soil in. This is a great way to recycle old cans, while creating something beautiful to hold your plants and flowers.

Every household seems to have some mason jars lying around. These are great for planters, especially for herbs. You can spray paint them to make them bold colors, or paint them yourself making beautiful works of art! Just remember to be careful when watering, because there is not drainage. They also need small plants, because of their limited size.

Tree stumps are great planters as well. If a tree fell down leaving a stump, plant it full of flowers or greenery. This will add a decorative feature to a not so beautiful accent in your garden setting. A tire is another great planter idea. These should be cleaned well, and then they can also be spray painted to add vibrant color if desired. These are wide, so consider adding plants of varying heights to make a complete miniature flower bed!

Once last idea is to create a welcoming front door arrangement using old containers that you’re already has. Stacking planters on top of one another, so the bottom is large and the top is small. You can spray paint them different colors, and then paint your house number on the bottom for a great focal feature.

These are some great idea for recycling and reusing items around your house, and turning them into beautiful garden arrangements. They also provide you with a fun project that is very rewarding!
By: Susan Soler of the Team