Creating Your Own English Style Garden

When you think of a garden, often your first thought will be classical English gardens you have seen on television or in the movies. Creating your very own English Garden can be done with a few simple steps.

English gardens are very well known for their multitude of flowers.  The classic rose is a popular element in the English Garden, but don’t think you should only consider roses.  English Gardens are well known for an over abundance of many different types of flowers and plants.  Planting many different types will give you the depth and fullness you need to create the look of an English Garden. These plants and flowers should be planted in well defined rows. The pathways within your garden will help complete the classical English look. Pathways should be created using bricks if you have a very large backyard, or can also be created with stepping stones if you have a smaller area to work with. When the budget is no limit, large square shaped hedges and bushes are the best way to recreate this type of garden.  Historically, the classical English Garden included many different outdoor rooms. Hedges, plants, flowers, and walkways can help define each of these outdoor rooms.  When possible, these walkways should be created in symmetrical designs.

Within the large blooms of flowers and plants, English gardens are well known for tall garden planters and urns placed atop pedestals.  The pedestals allow the beautiful cast stone pots to be viewed, even above the larger plants. Often times, English Gardens are also known for their beautiful sculptures and statues.  Placing these statues atop pedestals will once again allow them to be viewed, even at the height of the growing season.  Putting smaller animal statues or children figurines at the base of hedges are bushes also helps channel English Gardens.

In a typical English Garden, one section of the outdoor rooms is usually dedicated to growing vegetables and herbs.  This can easily be done by creating a low fence or other border around a specified area where you can grow your very own fruits and vegetables.  If you have historically had issues with animals getting into your veggie gardens, consider large square boxes like the big box planters.  These boxes are high enough that animals will have a difficult time just crawling along and eating your prized possessions.

To complete an English Style Garden, adding an outdoor garden fountain in the center of one of the walk ways will bring you right to English.  Simple water features like Campania International’s new Borghese Fountain make the busyness of an English Garden serene and relaxing. Placing a bench at the end of one of the walkways will also give you a place to sit and enjoy your new Garden. Placing the garden bench at a location where you can see into the different outdoor rooms will make your new English Garden landscape enjoyable anytime of the day.
By: Susan Soler of the Team