Creating Tiny Water Gardens

Water gardens are an exciting way to add a fun feature to your setting. A water garden does not need to be large, and in fact they can come in tiny sizes, that are exciting and allow the gardener to get up close and personal with the plant. These small water gardens allow the viewer to get a good look at the aquatic plants, their flower, their foliage, and their vibrant scents.

Water gardens a foolproof. If you do not like what you create you can easily rearrange the plants. All water plants are simple submerged in water, and therefore can be easily moved. The water plants are also very tough and hard to kill, and often they require little to no maintenance. To make a successful water container simply place it in a spot where the sun shines directly on it for at least 6 hours a day, add water, and some plants and you are done.

What kind of container makes a good home for a water garden? Well, the easy answer is anything that holds water can be a water garden container. If there is a container you really like, but it has holes in the bottom, they can usually be plugged by adding inexpensive corks into the holes to make the container water tight. If you are using a barrel to create a dramatic display, it is a good idea to buy an inexpensive liner for the barrel as this will keep any deadly toxins from entering the water which can make it dirty or harm your plants. Clay and plastic containersare also great choices for water garden containers. For these containers it is a good idea to apply two coats of a sealer to keep water from seeping into the porous material.When creating a water garden try to use contrasting shaped plants to make an aesthetically pleasing piece. Water is always a pleasing feature for a garden setting, but the addition of plants to a water pool creates a whole new look! Often with water gardens, the more contrast you can create the more dramatic the piece will be. Use bold colors and different shapes, and the end result will be a stunning and exciting accent for your garden setting.

For example, in your water garden container, use a variety of plants, like spiky tall plants like the sweet flag or the yellow flag iris. Mix that plant with the broad leaved foliage of the tropical taro which has the dark purple leaves. Marginal plants are often the best to use, as these naturally grow in shallow water. You can add bold color by adding a cut water lily, which typically last three days. You can try to grow water lilies in your container garden, but they often take up a lot of space.There is a lot of exciting water plants that bring a dramatic element into your water garden. Some of these plants include the variegated spider lily, chameleon plants, and the pitcher plant. These will bring a whole new level of excitement to your water gardens!

Water gardens are not only a beautiful accent, but they are a fun hobby as well. Creating a water garden is a fun experience, as there are endless possibilities for design, size, and shape. The water will also help to add a soothing element to your setting as well.

By: Susan Soler of the Team