Creating the Perfect Outdoor Room

Creating the perfect outdoor room adds space to your home, even in the cooler months. Here at we work hard to give you a variety of items that will work together to create a cohesive and enjoyable outdoor space. For avid gardeners, perhaps planters are your forte, whereas those of you with a creative streak may lean more towards statuary or fountains to appease your taste. No matter what your likes are, there are many ways to turn drab outdoor settings into a fabulous, usable space.

planters outdoor room garden-fountainsAdd Greenery and Color

A garden planter set is a great way to add style to your outdoor setting without taking away from the beauty of nature. Ceramic planter sets usually come with three to five planters ranging in size that all feature the same stunning glaze. The different heights create dimension, while the color options allow for a vibrant and bold focal point. Often these planters will look beautiful filled with flowers, overflowing foliage, and they can even be left empty to be used just for decoration.

Bring Nature Close

Birdbaths and planters are a perfect duo. A well-placed birdbath paired with two similar planters creates the perfect focal point for any setting. This combination will look timeless and elegant. Fill the planters with beautiful blooms and plants that spiral downwards to create the perfect classical look.

Chill Out with a Fountain

Meditation Garden FountainGarden Fountains come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. The addition of a simple wall fountain to the side of a patio wall will transform your setting into a tranquil and soothing space. The power of water is proven to relieve tension and create a calming and peaceful setting. Large tiered fountains will add drama and entertainment to your space. Smaller pedestal fountains are perfect for empty corners or smaller yards. No matter what style you choose, the addition of a fountain will brighten up the most dismal of outdoor spaces.

Add Character

Garden accents, whether is be a whimsical gnome village or a large classical statue placed over a pedestal, bring a sense of delight and excitement to a setting. Smaller garden accents can give the element of surprise while large statues add a sense of grandeur. Useful accents like rain chains and sundials add beauty while still giving you a functioning tool.

Heat it Up

Small Fire Pit Garden-fountainsLastly, in cooler weather you can extend the use of your outdoor living room by adding a fire pit or fireplace. Place it in the center of a seating area. Not only can you relax into the evening with a warm beverage, you can toast marshmallows and make amores! If you have a smaller area that just needs more light, you can opt for a smaller table top style instead. And if you use some of the special smokeless oils in your fireplace, you don’t have to worry about fumes, either.

These ideas are sure to help turn a plain outdoor seating area into a fun and lively place that you can’t wait to come home too. Creating a comfortable and enjoyable outdoor living space is key to enjoying your surroundings. By following some of these simple ideas you can love spending time in your outdoor space right away!