Creating Outdoor Sanctuaries with an Empty Corner

One of the most fickle places to decorate is an empty corner? The size is often to small for furniture, so what kind of accents can fit into these corners, both indoors or outside? Here at we have may creative and beautiful accents to full in those empty spots to create eye-catching focal point!

For an outdoor patio, porch, or garden corner there are many wonderful accents to choose from! A small pedestal fountain will add a soothing and serene touch in a garden corner. The Acorn Fountain is the perfect style to fit into a corner, adding a unique accent to your setting. For those empty porch and patio corners consider tall and shapely planters, like the Isleta Planter. These tall planters can be planted with beautiful cascading flowers and greens, to create welcoming arrangements. They can also be left empty, as the sheer beauty of the piece alone will stand out! Tall and graceful planters also make stunning accents for indoor empty corners. They can be set right by the door to hold umbrellas or canes for more practical purposes as well as aesthetics!

Many manufacturers actually make water features that are specifically designed to be placed in corners.  These water features are an excellent choice because they will easily create a beautiful space with just one single piece. Highlighted at the top of this article is a tall corner water feature. Another style we like is the Nadina Corner Fountain. Once set, you can then place some of your beautifully planted containers around the base of this fountain to create the perfect corner nook.

Another great idea for an indoor or outdoor corner is placing a classical piece of statuary on a decorative pedestal. Some great combinations we offer include the Wood Nymph Garden Statue on Pedestal or the Soaring Owl on the Plain Round Pedestal. Statuary creates interesting and creative visuals for your setting, and become wonderful conversational pieces. We offer a wide variety of statues and pedestals that you can create the perfect combination to suit your own personal style and theme!

Decorating corners is a great way to add style and personality to your settings, creating focal points that often go missed! There are so many ideas and combinations available that you are sure to find the perfect accent for that empty corner! An empty corner is also a great way to bring a theme into your outdoor space.  Whether it is a tribute to someone who has passed or maybe just that zen feeling garden you have always wanted. has everything you need to turn your bleak corner into your most loved sanctuary.
By: Susan Soler of the Team