Creating an Outdoor Tribute Space

Whether you have lost a loved one, or maybe a pet, everyone is affected by the loss of someone special.  One of the most important things is to always remember the special times and memories you had together.  Creating an outdoor tribute space where you spend time focusing on those memories is a lovely way to do this.

Memories of those we love that have passed bring us happiness and closure.  Focusing on the happy memories is one of the best things you can do. We would all rather have loved and enjoyed and lost at some point than have never known the love and happiness our loved ones have given us.  Creating a tribute or memorial space outdoors is a wonderful way to remember.

Outdoor Tribute Benches

When creating a tribute space in your own outdoor area, there are a few items that will make your space special.  Adding a bench is one of the first suggestions we have.  An outdoor bench provides a space for you to sit as you enjoy the wonderful memories.  Outdoor benches are available in many shapes and sizes. But having one that connects you specifically to your loved one is a great choice. 

The tribute bench comes complete with an engravable plaque. This plaque can be taken to any local engraver to give it a special memory or name of your loved one.  At we also offer benches that are shipped directly to you, already engraved.  These benches are available already engraved with special messages and a plaque you can choose your engraving, like the Those we have held.  Or consider the Large Engravable Bench  where you can decide the message that will be etched in the bench top.

Specialty Plaques

If you’re looking for a piece created for your special four-legged friend, we have beautiful plaques designed in the shape of a bone.  If you like the look of  plaque, then consider the Dog Bone with Best Friend Engraved (shown here) or chose a larger inscription with the Engravable Dog Bone. Benches are still a great choice for pet tribute areas as they give you a place to sit and reflect on all the special memories.

Creating the perfect tribute area to remember a loved one isn’t always easy.  There is no doubt that you will have to take a few moments to yourself as you design this space. Begin by placing all of the accents into their position. Gradually it will give you a truly wonderful chance to sit and reflect on all those who have gone too soon.
By: Susan Soler of the Team