Creating a Modern Outdoor Landscape or Garden

Creating the perfect outdoor space often begins with a thought that begins to reoccur in your mind that it just seems empty and dull. One of the newest trends is to go modern when it comes to outdoor decor.  There are a few simple ways to bring in select pieces that can bring a dull, drab outdoor living area or patio into a sleek, modern oasis.

Austin Fountain

Many outdoor spaces feature water fountains, a modern outdoor living area can include one of these traditional features, but with a simple modern twist.  If you are looking to create a modern outdoor area, consider fountains with clean, straight lines and possible copper or silver accents.  Fountains like the Austin Fountain are the perfect combination between a traditional urn, with a pop of modern flair. Hanging fountains are the perfect choice for a modern look if you do not have room for a larger water fountain. Once you have chosen your water fountain, you can easily use this as a jumping off point for choosing other modern elements to add to your landscape.

X Bench

Benches and tables are often one of the main focal points after a water feature as they give ample room for seating or supply beverages and food to outdoor parties.  Tables like the Palladio Table and Benches easily fit the bill. For benches, again look for the straight lines and make sure to provide ample outdoor seating for the number of guests you typically have over. The X Bench easily fits the bill along with other classic, simple designs.

When considering planters for a modern, don’t be afraid to go with a glazed or ceramic planter.  When  you think of something that is modern and sleek, the colors that most often pop in your mind are black, gray, silver, and white.  Many planters are available in these colors with modern styles.  Tall planters like the Aluan Tall Round in Graphite and the Ascoli Planter are a great way to enter people into a backyard, create a divider between two outdoor living areas, maybe the relaxation area and the actual garden, as well as indoors your home to combine the outdoor decor along with the indoor decor.  Don’t be afraid to try a pop of color.  You can easily stay within a modern, sleek look by choosing simple shapes in bright colors like reds or ambers.

When thinking about plants for an outdoor space, you want to think about the less is more approach. Tall, Grass like plants along with simple white flowers can easily finish off the modern outdoor living area you are trying to reach.  Or try lower lying plants that do not need as much attention like succulents that can easily be planted in modern containers like the Vela planter.  They often do not need as much sunlight and are not as temperamental as many decorative flowers.

Finding the perfect outdoor accents is important to turning your outdoor space into a modern oasis.  Always remember to look for clean, sleek lines to create the modern sleek, modern flow.
By: Susan Soler of the Team