Creating a Color Theme in Your Outdoor Space


Creating blocks of colors in a garden setting can be a charming feature. Whether you love bold and sassy reds, or mellow and charming blues, color is meant to inspire and revive your soul.  Making your garden reflect your favorite colors is certainly sure to lift your mood and create a truly happy setting!

Blues can give a wonderful look to a garden corner. They reflect the sky, as well as foster feelings of calmness and peacefulness. This can be accomplished with plants like violets, morning glories, irises, hyacinths, forget-me-nots and blue hydrangea. Clematis is a wonderful blue to purple colored flower that can be trained to climb, producing lovely star shaped flowers. These flowers work well with silvery and green foliage. These are just a few suggestions for adding a wonderful tranquil look for your setting! You can also use a blue glazed pot to bring out the calming effects of this wonderful color.

Pink garden patches are happy places; they inspire feelings of joy, beauty, and romance. There are many different flowers that come in a variety of pink shades. You can create a romantic rose garden, filled with sweet smelling roses. The dianthus is a popular pink flower, often called the carnation as well. Daylilies come in many shades of pink, and the flower creates an exotic look for your setting as well! Mandeville is a great option if you want a vine, as this can be trained to climb up a trellis or garden wall!

Yellow is a great color for a garden, it is full of cheerfulness, reflecting the warm and friendly tones of sunshine! Yellow flowers include the daisy, a delightful and charming flower. The spring daffodil, one of the first flowers to come back each year is another great option. The sunflower is a popular choide, as this flower grows tall, and can last through the late summer season. Roses often come in many shades of yellow as well. Amber is very similar to yellow and is offered in many different ceramic garden containers. Fiery reds can give a strong and bold flavor to a garden setting. The Red Rose is an always popular choice, inspiring romance and beauty. The zinnia is another great flower; they do well in heat, and will bloom all summer long! The peony is a bright and exciting flower with a lovely yellow center, perhaps one of the easiest flowers to grow which requires virtually no maintenance!

Adding color blocks to a garden can be done through artificial means as well. Flowers are always great options, but consider adding containers to these patches of color blocks as well. Ceramic and glazed blues and reds are wonderful features to incorporate into your setting. Consider adding a water feature in the shade of your color block as well. A trellis can be a wonderful touch for climbing plants, as this will allow that color to gain height, adding dimension and a strong focal point for your setting. One last aspect you could consider is lighting. In the evening, why not take advantage of lighting up these patches, or even using colored lightning. Lights bring your garden to life in the evening, allowing you to enjoy it even after the sun sets.

Color blocks are an interesting and exciting focal point for your setting. Choose your favorite colors and create flower beds designated to only that color, and enjoy a special garden that is just for your own personal enjoyment!
By: Susan Soler of the Team