Create a spectacular fall garden with mums


Fall Garden Style


The autumn season marks the wonderful change in foliage colors! It also often marks the loss of your beautiful spring and summertime flowers. This should not discourage you from adding exciting color to your garden setting. In fact, your fall garden can explode with beautiful colors, and the most popular fall flower is the chrysanthemum, often called the “mum”. These plants are relatively low maintenance, drought resistant, disease and pest resistant and easy to grow!


Mums are the perfect way to decorate your garden setting for the autumn season. To add the most interest to your garden, it’s best to purchase a variety of colors and sizes. Consider placing them in decorative pots and urns out in your yard, on your porches and patios, they can even be used indoors!


The best part about mums is they can be wintered through and return the following year, making them a cost effective plant. Just be sure to lay down mulch to protect it against freezing winter temperatures. Once the frosts have turned it a blackened color, you can cut the mum back to within one inch of the soil level. , To protect your plant from the harsh winter temperatures, mulch the area at a level of 3-4 inches deep.


Spring and Summer Care


The plants should begin to reemerge in the following spring, at this time remove any old stems. Begin feeding the plant with fertilizer once a month until August. Pinch off the plants in early spring, as this will encourage the plant to bush out. When the plant reaches 4-6 inches, remove 1-2 inches of the new growth back. After this, once the plant has grown another 3-5 inches, you can pinch it back again, by 1-2 inches. Pinching should cease in mid-July. This tedious task will be greatly rewarding in the fall when your mums are a stunning bush with robust beautiful flowers. Every two years in the spring, divide your mums to keep them healthy.


Mums add wonderful flair to your fall décor. When paired with pumpkins and scarecrows, your garden will be the envy, and possibly copied, by all your neighbors! Mums are a hardy plant, that is perfect for adding color during the fall season! Posted by Jean Widner.