Create Your Outdoor Dream Area This Year


Outdoor Garden Fountain

The cold winter months are a great time to start thinking about the outdoor door space you have always dreamed of creating.   Whether you tend to like the simple, clean look or maybe you enjoy a busy outdoor space filled with colorful things, either way your taste should be the first thing you start with when considering a change in your outdoor decor.

Modern Flair

If you tend to like simple, clean looks you should search out outdoor decor that includes straight sleek lines.  Products that include these features will look beautiful when paired together and will pull together the modern sleek theme well.  One of our favorite modern fountains is the Precipice Fountain. With its rectangular basin and unique water spiller, this fountain is sleek and modern. Pairing this fountain with containers of similar look will complement the space.  We love the look of the Precipice Fountain paired with the Bradford Lite set in Rust Lite.  The smooth rounded edges of the Bradford planters bring the modern together with classic garden shapes.

Updated Classics

When reading magazines or browsing Pinterest if you tend to lean more towards a classic garden then one of your first stops should be to browse our collection of tiered fountains. Tiered water features are a great focal point.  If you have a limited budget adding a tiered fountain can be a great choice.  Standing all on its own, these fountains are absolutely stunning. If you have a larger budget, then try adding some classic containers strategically around you outdoor space. Some of our favorite classic planters are the Double Rolled Rim Series, available in a variety of sizes and colors.

Whether you are starting with a blank canvas or trying to add to your existing outdoor space, creating your outdoor dream is possible this year.  Start thinking about how and where you want to create your dream. Then stop by for all of your outdoor decor needs!

By: Susan Soler of the Team