Create an Artistic Garden with Outdoor Décor

Your garden’s outdoor décor should reflect your own personal interests and style. When you add personal items along with artistic pieces, then your outdoor seating and garden areas become a reflection of who you are. Most of us put thought into how we look when we’re out in the world. The style of dress, accessories and makeup or hairstyles we wear say a lot about our personality. Our home and garden is no exception. Here are some ideas to help you create an artistic garden that reflects your own personal style.

S_250_on_PD_151__02463.1398083086.1280.1280-2Think about your personal interests

Garden décor can reflect things you love. Be it golf, your cats or dogs, your children, or patriotic flags during certain holidays – wear what you love, proudly. Your yard can too. Think of scenery that relaxes or inspires you: English gardens, the seaside, the desert or Asian themes are all popular. Write a few items down on a list, and then search for pictures in magazines or online.

You can also theme certain areas of your yard, garden or patio. A secluded side yard can become a quite place for reflection or meditation, and your items can reflect that theme, while in another area, maybe it’s your love of sport or animals that take center stage. Be as varied as you, and your family – are.

Sometimes, less is more

Outdoor décor sometimes can become too cluttered. Choosing one or two pieces that can become focal points make the strongest statement. If you’re doing a collection of themed items, say a garden gnome village, keep the items to a single color pallet. Choose items from the same manufacturer so their colors match.

Garden décor statueArtistic garden plants

Chose flowers, grasses and plants that have a variety of textures and heights. Cluster plants together the way they form in nature, rather than in rows. Move from lower plant heights in the front of your beds and borders to taller plantings in the back. Think of your primary colors of red, blue and yellow, and then space them with your neutrals of greens or varying grasses. Also if you have 4 distinct seasons, plan for how your yard area will look in the winter months too. Plant evergreens to create year-round interest and height. Then, space in artistic statues or planters around your plantings – and let them stand out in their own right.

Outdoor décor statueKeep it light

Remember that art doesn’t always need to take itself so seriously. Using a touch of humor such as this meditating gnome statue, will make you smile and remember your initial inspiration every time you pass by it. If you have young children or grandkids, get them involved with a DIY project. Animals or other statues that give you a chuckle keep your home and garden relaxing and fun to enjoy.

Even if you don’t feel like you’re a naturally creative person, anyone really can make your yard feel like an expression of your personality and give you a great artistic garden your neighbors will envy and you’ll enjoy for years. Posted by Jean Widner of the Team.