Container Gardening Can Work for Any Space

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No space to plant? Do you kill plants more often than keeping them alive? Need a way to dress up a small patio setting? These are all great reasons to give container gardening a chance. It is really a simple project that only requires a planter, some soil, and seeds. You can make a beautiful flower arrangement by planting more than one species in a pot, if it is large enough, or maybe you can’t take a shot at growing a vegetable in a pot!


A garden pot does not need to be an expensive and decorative container, although these will bring added style and artistic value to your setting. But the container can be basically anything. This may include a bucket, an old watering can, or even old bins. Turn these into planters by adding drain holes in the bottom. Place a good garden soil inside these containers, and plant away! You will be amazed at how simple the process is, and how beautiful the result will be!

Container Gardens can be set up virtually in any space, no matter how small or large.  For small spaces, gardening in a container can allow you room to still add an outdoor fountain as well. A garden like this is the perfect way to dress up a small outdoor space. You can add beautiful color and texture to your setting, or you can grow delicious fruit or vegetables to enjoy without all the tilling and digging that comes with making a garden. There are even types of container gardens that can be planted that require very little to basically no maintenance on your part.

Another great aspect about container gardening is that is a simple but fun hobby, one for the whole family. Allow kids to have a pot of their own, and create their own container garden. This will not only be a fun activity to create, but caring for the container will teach then responsibility and to care for a growing and living thing. If you choose to grow vegetable, let the kids be a part of this as well, growing the foods they will eat may actually make them more receptive to trying new things. Kids that may not like peas or peppers may have a change of heart if they are growing the items themselves.

Outdoor gardens and flowerbeds create truly beautiful landscapes, but they also require a lot of time and effort to maintain them. This includes weeding, trimming, watering, and fertilizing all on a rather large scale. A container garden is the perfect solution for the person on the go. It will not need as much time and effort as a large garden and it will also be critter free. Containers can be set on patios or porches where animals fear to go, keeping those juicy tomatoes and fragrant herbs safe!

A container garden planter is something that is created to match your own personal style. You can pick and choose according to the theme of your setting, or just the flowers or plants that you like best. They are so diversified that no two container gardens ever need to be alike, unless you choose for them to be. These containers can even be brought indoors over the winter months, kept alive and set back outdoors as the warm weather returns! Thus, being economical as well.

There are many reasons why to consider container gardening, we have named only a few reasons. With a little creativity, some containers, and seeds and plants, you can create a great garden that will be easy to care for and take up little space! So why not get started today?
By: Susan Soler of the Team