Container Gardening: 7 of the Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Pots

Gardening in containers does not appeal to every gardener out there, but it’s a convenient way to grow your plants and vegetables if your gardening space is limited. It also works well for those who are concerned about the impact of adverse weather or insects. Some vegetables are easier to grow in containers than others. Tomatoes and peppers are commonly grown in containers and can be taken through a full life cycle indoors. Eggplant also belongs to this group although it is hard to imagine that it can be grown in a pot, due to its size.

Key Takeaways:

  • Container gardening isn’t for everyone, but it allows you to garden almost anywhere and makes it easier to deal with the elements.
  • Lettuce is a very good option for growing in containers because they actually have shallow roots.
  • Potatoes will require some pretty deep containers, to begin with, because of the way they grow.

“Container gardening is not for everyone, but it offers a degree of control over the eventual state of your veggies that many home gardeners actually enjoy.”

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