Choosing Pots for your Container Garden


When it comes to container gardening, there are so many varieties of pots and planters to choose from the possibilities may seem daunting. When the goal is to plant flowers, a planter should be beautiful, a stunning accent to the flowers. When the goal is planting vegetation or produce, the plant needs the proper pot, which often not the same as a flower pot.

Container garden is often a popular choice because they can be moved to other locations. Heavier planters, like large cast stone planters, are harder to move. Planters that hold trees can be placed on dollies with wheels so they can be easily moved. Flower pots are also a great decorative feature. They can be used out in the landscape, or they can be placed on porches, and patios. They create delightful little focal points for your setting!Terra Cotta and Cast Stone planters are the most commonly used containers. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect size for the plants you choose to add. Terra Cotta Planters often range in shades, where as cast stone often comes in finishes that can be chosen and applied to the cast stone.

Window boxes are another great option. These do not to just be placed on windows for decorations, but can actually be used in the landscape, to line a pathway, to a porch setting. The long rectangular shape lends well to growing herbs, or creating beautiful flower arrangements. You can even place smaller flower pots in the window boxes for an added decorative touch.Planters made of plastics, fiberglass, and resin are all great choices as well. These planters are often much lighter than cast stone or terra cotta. These planters create a nice contrast to the organic nature of the planters placed inside of them. Often these types of plants are also much less expensive then the heavier materials. A lot of these planters are popular because they come in a lot of different colors or designs as well.

Ceramic planters are a wonderful choice as well. These planters often have a lovely glazed sheen to them, and can feature beautiful colorings or designs that make them stand out. Glazed planters are great choice for water gardens as well.There are planters that are small, perfect for window sill gardening. These are wonderful for herbs and violets. Medium sized planters are great for any type of planting, and can be placed pretty much anywhere throughout your setting! Finally there are large and extra large planters that are wonderful as focal points out in your landscape, or for marking a boundary by lining them up, as a fence of sorts.

These are some great choices for your own container gardens. Therefore all you need to do is choose the planter you like, and then plant them! This is the fun part! Planting the arrangement is completely your creation, it be as colorful, as a natural, or as exotic as you choose. Container gardens are a fun and delightful addition to any garden, patio, or porch setting,, sure to bring a welcoming touch as well as a beautiful accent!

By: Susan Soler of the Team