Choosing Campania Patinas: The Two Latest Colors Lead Antique, and French Limestone

Cast stone products are one of the best choices for home and garden. Stone fountains and decor products made by Campania International are truly designed to last a lifetime. These stone items are heavy and durable, and can withstand strong weather conditions, and weather naturally. So let’s say you’ve decided on the perfect fountain, statue, or planter choice by Campania. And now you’re ready to order, but wait! Have you chosen the perfect Finish yet (or Patina as Campania calls it)? Choosing the finish for a piece can be even more difficult than choosing the piece itself, so here we are to the rescue!

We’ve reviewed all of the previous 12 patinas, and now have two more to introduce you to: Lead Antique and French Limestone.

Patina: Lead Antique

Lead Antique

Lead Antique, or (LA) is actually a revival from Campania International, as there have been variations of this finish in the past. It’s inspired by the look of aged lead such as you might find in an old English garden. Lead Antique is a wonderful patina choice for smooth pieces that can highlight the depth in it’s colors showing grays over a layer of blues and turquoise colors to imitate aged lead.

Lead Antique is also a wonderful choice for statues and animals that has excellent detailing, such as the Dancing Dragonflies or the Trio d’Oiseaux. In both of these pieces even the smallest details are enhanced by the Lead Antique coloring to create a beautiful piece. The Montparnasse Planter (Large) shows the Lead Antique Patina on a smooth surface with both upper and lower rims. On a piece with a smoother surface, the Lead Antique finish will have a much more layered effect, versus a textured or detailed surface.

Patina: French Limestone

French Limestone

The French Limestone patina, (FL) is the next completely new Patina by Campania. French Limestone is a wonderful choice for a piece when you desire a clean lighter colored finish, but not just a plain white. French Limestone can be described as a classic creamy-colored patina that actually simulates the look of matte stone.

The Woodmere Planter, is a great example of the French Limestone Patina. The smooth, sleek surfaces of this planter are added to by the beautiful look of this warm coloration. The Small Del Rey Fountain is a great example of the French Limestone finish when it is wet – you will notice it is darker in color. This patina will go excellent with most any outdoor decor and will look beautiful on either textured or smooth pieces.


One important tip – before choosing any finish it’s best to view the options on multiple computer or phone/device screens.  Computer screens are often calibrated to show colors in a different manner. So seeing the colors on different computer screens can help you to decide on which is the best choice. And as always, trained artisans apply all Campania International patinas by hand.  This means that not one single piece will look identical to another, making your garden accent one of a kind! Campania Cast Stone Patinas Garden-fountains