Choosing Campania Patinas: The Greens and Natural: English Moss, Verde, and Natural

Today’s Campania Patina review lands us in the natural and greens family. Today we will complete the review of the pigment Campania patinas and next week, we will review the Campania International acid stands, finishing up our Campania segment.

English Moss (EM)
English Moss (EM)

Maybe you are looking at an Outdoor Frog Statue or want a natural looking stain that will blend into your planting garden or outdoor area, English Moss may be just the selection for you.  Described as a vibrant spring green that often looks similar to natural moss, English Moss is the greenest of the Campania patinas.  Campania International’s Awakening Garden Statue is a great example of the English Moss Patina on a very detailed piece. For a preview of a smoother surface, the Zen Too Fountain is a great example of the English Moss Patina

For a softer approach to a green patina, Verde (VE), may be the perfect choice.  Described as a subtle, mossy green, the verde patina is said to be softer than the English Moss.  From statues to planters and fountains,

verde (VE)
Verde (VE)

Verde is a beautiful finish for rustic surfaces, smooth surfaces or even detailed pieces.  For an example of Verde applied to a smooth surface, preview the Savoy Planter, which has a beautiful green hue, for a more detailed surface the Joe Garden Statue is a wonderful example. So if you are looking for a softer approach to green, we would suggest the Verde patina over the English Moss Patina

The last selection, is not actually patina, but it is a choice when you are purchasing a Campania International cast stone product.  When choosing natural for your pieces, we will advise that the visual color of the pieces may vary.  As different concrete mixes are produced, it is possible that the two planters purchased in natural may not look identical.

Natural (NA)
Natural (NA)

Natural, when purchasing Campania Cast Stone, is not white.  It will more closely resemble a concrete color. We do want to note though, when purchasing Campania International GFRC pieces, natural will be white such as the Metropolis Cube.  In the Faccia Planter Set, you will find the Medium Planter in the natural finish. This is a great example because you can see the natural compared directly along side the Greystone patina.

No matter your selection, every Campania International piece is sure to withstand the test of time.  The quality and detail of each one of their cast stone pieces will be recognized by anyone who is lucky enough to see your outdoor space!
By: Susan Soler of the Team


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