Choosing Campania Patinas- Metal-Look Stains: Ferro Rustico, Nera Nuova, and Pietra Nuovo

To continue our review of Campania International patinas, we are going to be taking a look at their more recent additions, the Metal Stains.  These stains are permanent and will not flake or peel. They are each inspired by different metals – iron or bronze. An important note about all Campania International stains, since they are hand-applied, no two patinas will look exactly the same, variations are to be expected and are what make each piece beautifully unique.

Nero Nouvo

The first patina we will take a look at is the Nera Nouvo (NN). This patina is a very rich, dark earth stain that is a deep charcoal to black and intended to imitate a bronze artifact. You will often find this patina on ravens and other animals made by Campania, but it can also be a good choice for fountains and planters as well. For a great smooth piece stained in Nera Nouvo, we suggest taking a look at the Williamsburg Plantation Urn and Pedestal. For smooth sides, Nera Nouvo can be an excellent choice. Detailed pieces can also be stained in Nera Nouvo and for an example of such, we suggest the Nevermore garden statue.

The next metal-inspired stain we will review is the Pietra Nouva (PN).  This beautiful stain appears to be a combination of browns and greens will is said to imitate the look of old iron.

Pietra Nouva
Pietra Nouva

The Valencia fountain is a great example of this patina on a smooth concrete piece. For a more detailed piece, our favorite little dog Chiquito is a great example.  This patina is a great choice if you are looking for a little more depth than a solid color.  The combination of deep browns and greens will give dimension to just about any piece.


Ferro Rustico (FR)
Ferro Rustico

The last stain we will review is the Ferro Rustico Nouvo patina. We saved the brightest more bold patina for last! This finish is said to mimic the appearance of rusty iron. If you are looking for a stand out finish, Ferro Rustico Nouvo could be the choice for you. To review this patina on a very textured, detailed piece, we suggest the Falconeer. This patina can make just about any one of Campania international’s pieces stand out! The Beauvais Fountain is also another great example of this patina. To preview a selection of products in the Ferro Rustico Nouvo patina, you can also visit our YouTube channel which will show you a collection of products in the FN stain.

We hope you have enjoyed our series on choosing a Campania international patina.  Making the perfect selection for your Campania product is very important, if you have any additional questions regarding finishes, we are more than happy to assist you!
By: Jean Widner of the Team.