Choosing Campania Patinas: Greystone, Alpine Stone, and Copper Bronze

Cast stone products are one of the best choices for home and garden. Stone fountains and decor products made by Campania International are truly designed to last a lifetime. These stone items are heavy, but are much more durable, can withstand strong weather conditions, and weather naturally. So let’s say you’ve decided on the perfect fountain, statue, or planter choice by Campania. And now you’re ready to order, but wait! Have you chosen the perfect Finish yet (or Patina as Campania calls it)? Choosing the finish for a piece can be even more difficult than choosing the piece itself, so here we are to the rescue!

We’ll review all twelve patinas over the course of the next few posts in our blog. This way we’ll hope make it easier to choose the finish that best suits you and your special outdoor or indoor space.

Patina: Alpine Stone

Alpine Stone (AS)
Alpine Stone (AS)

Alpine Stone, or (AS) is one of the most popular patinas for Campania International products. This finish has a rich slate patina. It’s inspired by the stone that can be found in the foothills of the Italian Alps. Alpine Stone is a wonderful patina choice for rustic pieces that have a texture where the darker shades of this can hide, giving the piece a highlighted effect.

Alpine Stone is also a wonderful choice for statues and animal that has excellent detailing like the Dragon Fly Garden Statue, as you can see in this piece, the wings and the body collection the Alpine Stone coloring very naturally to create a beautiful piece. The Litchfield Egg and Dart Urn shows the Alpine Stone Patina on a smooth surface that leads up to a detailed rim. On a piece with a smoother surface, the Alpine Stone will have a much lighter effect, versus a textured or detailed surface.

Patina: Greystone

Greystone (GS)
Greytone (GS)

The Greystone patina, (GS) is the next most popular Patina by Campania. Greystone is a wonderful choice for a piece when you desire a natural looking finish. Greystone can be described as a classic grey patina that actually simulates the look of aged stone. We always say, when in doubt, Greystone is probably the perfect choice! You can easily see the difference between Greystone and Alpine Stone when you see the swatches next to one another. But often times, on planters or fountains that have minimal detailing, sometimes it is quite difficult to tell the two apart from one another!

The Easton Urn is a great example of the Greystone Patina.  The smooth, sleek surfaces of this planter are added to by the beautiful look of aged stone with the Greystone Patina. The Moderne Fountain is another great example of the Greystone finish.  This patina will go excellent with most any outdoor decor and will look beautiful on either textured or smooth pieces.

Patina: Copper Bronze

Copper Bronze (CB)
Copper Bronze (CB)

The last patina we will review for today is the Copper Bronze.  This beautifully unique patina is designed to simulate the look of an aged oxidized copper.  Copper Bronze, also referred to as CB, can range from bright oxidized copper greens to high lighted browns.  The Wood Nymph Garden Statue shows the naturally looking oxidation coloring very well.  The Oriental Maiden is another statue that shows how beautiful the CB finish can look on a textured piece. The looked of oxidized copper is often very popular and you might see copper roofs or statues in and around your area. If so, then this finish might be the perfect one for your Campania selection!

One important tip – before choosing any finish it’s best to view the options on multiple computer screens.  Computer screens are often calibrated to show colors in a different manner. So seeing the colors on different computer screens can help you to decide on which is the best choice. And as always, trained artisans apply all Campania International patinas by hand.  This means that not one single piece will look identical to another, making your garden accent one of a kind! Next, we will review several more Campania Patinas. However always feel free to contact customer care with any questions you may have before purchasing!Campania Cast Stone Patinas Garden-fountains