Choosing a Statue or Lawn Ornament

Adding outdoor accents to your space can easily turn it from empty and dull to happy and enjoyable.  One of the best pieces to turn that outdoor space around is an outdoor garden statue.  The key to choosing an outdoor accent is to make sure it is not overdone.  Too many accents can turn your outdoor space into a junk yard instead of a soothing oasis.

Before making a purchase, you should consider the other elements in your outdoor space.  From fountains to planters, tying it all together can be just as easy as it can be difficult.  It is important to step back and look at your outdoor space as someone who has just stopped by instead of seeing it how you do each and everyday that you see it. One of the best ways to choose a lawn ornament is to consider the theme you have in your area.  If your area is truly lacking and you have an empty space to work with, many people adore mythicals.  Mythicals are considered creatures that are not real, from dragons to gnomes mythicals range a great deal.  If you have  tendancy to enjoy horror movies or like things with a little attitude, choose a mythical like Oscar Statue Garden-FountainsOscar. This little guy can easily be perched upon a pedestal or peaking out from your garden greens.  If you aren’t quite sure about the scarier looking mythicals, there are some truly adorable mythicals like Paws.  His adorable little face and huge feet will truly delight you each and every time you see him.

If mythicals aren’t your cup of tea, consider a classic garden accent like the Madonna Garden Statue.  Her beauty and grace will make any outdoor area one of peace.  When considering classic garden statues, you should look for religious garden statues or classic women statues.  They will bring a beautiful look to any space.  Another option to consider if you are looking for zen statues, consider our Asian Inspired collection. From lanterns to Buddha statues, the Asian collection can easily bring the perfect zen compliment.

When placing garden statues in your outdoor space, it is important to place them strategically.  If you are looking to have the garden accent be the center piece, place it in the most prominent focal area, such as the first place you see when you walk off your back deck or out your back door.  If you are just looking to have a garden statue as an accenting piece, then place statues below plants or flowers and have them peeking out from underneath.

Choosing your garden statue is a very important aspect of your outdoor space.  After a bit of consideration, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your space.

By: Susan Soler of the Team