Children and Fountain Safety

A garden fountain is a great idea, adding beauty and interest to your setting. Fountains may seem like a danger if you have children or grandchildren, but this is not the case. You can add a fountain and make it safe for children to be around. Kids may even enjoy watching the water fall and the lovely sounds water features can create!

Making sure the fountain is safe for your children is a valid concern.  Although a fountain can never be made totally kid-proof, there are a number of ways to protect your children from these water features, while still allowing you the joy of having them. Strategically placing boulders around the fountain can be a good idea, or adding low fencing in the form of shrubbery.

Children should never be left alone when a water feature of any kind is present. The type of fountain and the level of security will also depend on the ages of the children. A fountain that is appropriate for children aged 5-8 will not be appropriate for children aged 2-3. Kids should always be closely supervised especially when a  fountain has a pool of three feet or more. Often these water features, especially those with fish or pretty plants, will attract kids. Children love to explore new things, and water and wildlife will certainly draw them in. These factors can even caused the best behaved child to stray from the rules of their parents. It is also important to be sure that any friends or neighbors children that come into your setting are aware of the rules with your fountain and know to stay away from it, and enjoy it from afar.

Fencing is one way to ensure your child’s safety in your garden. Although this may seem like an extreme or impractical or even unattractive measure, there are ways to deal with each of these issues. A fence should be child proof and feature a locked gate of some kind. A picket fence is a beautiful option, it adds character as well as protects your children from the fountain.

Another good idea is to add a garden fountain that features a bottom tier that is too high for a toddler to get to. You can also control the depth of the water in the bottom pool, or please decorative stones in the bottom of the pool so the water will not be as deep either. If these options are not attractive for your setting, a wall fountain can add the beauty of a water feature without nearly as much concern for the safety of your child.

Choosing a good location for your garden fountain can also affect the overall safety of the fountain. You want to make sure the fountain in is a place where you can watch your children, not too close to the house or too far away from the house. The goal is to be able to supervise the children around the water feature. Sometimes, a water alarm could be useful, these are often used in pools, and sound when the water surface is disturbed.

These are just some idea to help you enjoy a beautiful water feature, while protecting your family from any dangers a water feature can present to children! These ideas will allow for charming garden fountains and playful children to co-exist in one wonderful setting! Visit us to find the perfect child friendly outdoor fountain today.
By: Susan Soler of the Team