Cheapskate gardening tips and tricks

Beautiful and well-kept garden can be really gratifying and a source of personal pride. Gardeners know that in addition to a lot of love for this work, you do need financial resources to keep up with garden maintenance, and these expenses can be significant. Consider some tricks that will ease this burden. Things that we dump in the garbage can be a source of nutrients for your soil. Old newspapers serve quite well as a cloth you use for plants, as they let the water go through and are also eco-friendly.

Key Takeaways:

  • There are a number of cheaper alternatives to gardening supplies.
  • White vinegar is a simple solution for many weedkilling problems.
  • A more permanent solution to stop weeds from growing is making sure salt enters the soil.

“Be sure to crush them well, and then work them into the soil right along with those coffee grounds.”

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