Ceramic Water Features Add Color!

While your garden may be green and plush, you may be feeling it looks a bit drab and uniform. Adding a water feature to any outdoor area is sure to give it a bit more attitude and enjoyment, but the choice of the fountain is extremely important.

Cast Stone Garden Fountains are a wonderful choice if you have already made a finial decision on your fountain.  They are available in many different custom patinas that are often hand applied.  If you have decided that you don’t want a cast stone fountain, for their lack of bright bold colors, then a ceramic fountain may be just the choice for you. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors glazed ceramic fountains are very similar to glazed pottery.  They are made out of high-fired clay that is then glazed upon completion. Campania International’s excellent attention to quality can be seen in these beautiful fountains.

Two different types of glazed water features include those that have a fiberglass basin and those without.  Glazed features without a fiberglass basin are often of smaller size.  These fountains are perfect if you have a small terrace area or a patio you want to add a simple water feature to. Water bubbles out of the top of the beautifully colored feature and around the edges into the basin the featured is supported by.  These self-contained features, like the Daralis Glazed Fountain in Weathered Copper, are simple to set up and can easily be gifted or put in your own outdoor space.

Fiberglass basin glazed fountains are another choice for larger outdoor areas.  These fountains by Campania International can be purchased with either a round basin ship, measuring thirty inches in diameter, or a square basin measure thirty inches by thirty inches.  The basins themselves are made out of fiberglass and are a bit lighter in weight to handle.  For a disappearing fountain effect, the basins can be buried underground.  Once buried underground, the tops of the fountain basin can be decorated with simple, or extravagant rocks to prevent soil and other debris from collecting in or around the pump.  The glazed or ceramic water feature then goes on top of the fiberglass basin.  Three different shapes: sphere, urn, and jars are available.  A variety of colors from black to beautiful bright running colors are also available.  The ceramic water fountains with basins can fit just about anywhere and will give your outdoor space a beautiful pop of color that a cast stone fountain may not be able to accomplish!

Choosing the right water feature for your outdoor is not always the easiest choice. Glazed outdoor garden fountains are a beautiful way to add a relaxing, soothing water element to a backyard while adding a bright, sunny color.
By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team