Celebrate Spring 2013, starting with your Garden!

As spring is rapidly approaching, gardeners avidly look forward to mulching, plating, and maintaining beautiful blooms and luscious greens. A great way to dress up any outdoor setting is by creating a floral border. Borders can be used to outline a garden, to line a house, or to frame a walkway. Perennials are the ideal flower choice for this task as there are a variety of types, colors, shapes, and sizes. These flowers are relatively inexpensive, and will keep your border looking beautiful throughout the season if planned correctly!

Once you have decided where to create your garden border, determine if that area is mostly in the sun, the shade, or is a good mixture of both. The plants you choose for your border should be chosen according to the amount of sun that area receives.  Many perennials can be grown from seed indoors so that they are in full bloom for spring and ready to be transplanted outdoors. Consider purchasing a decorative planter, like the Garth Planter, to grow perennials indoors early in the year. This planter can then be used on a patio or terrace to create beautiful summer arrangements!

Perennials that work best for borders can be a mixture of foliage and flowers. Some shade loving options to consider include crocus, hyacinth, fern, hostas and primrose. Sun loving plants include the geranium, marigold, petunia, and pansy. Some more exotic options to consider include the dahlia, iris, daffodil, and tulips. If the border is going against a fence, you may wish to consider a more bush-like arrangement. These plants include the hydrangea, primrose, azaleas, and butterfly bushes to name a few.

Adding a focal point to your floral border will create a beautiful contrast to the setting. If the border is low and soft, consider adding a stately cast stone birdbath, like the Isleboro Birdbath.  Standing tall amongst the border, it will juxtapose the luxurious flowers perfectly, adding interest and appeal. Focal points are a great idea if the borders are the only source of green material in your setting. The border will add beauty and the focal point, whether it is a birdbath or an exciting piece of statuary, will create an element of surprise!

A spring border will bring a stunning and tranquil element to your outdoor setting. Perennials are easy to maintain and grow and when done correctly, will bring beauty to your border throughout the entire growing season. Make sure to place the border when you can view it often, as it will be a source of joy and pure delight each and everyday!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team