Budget Outdoor Additions That Add Big Punch

Shell Wall Fountain

You may have just purchased a new home, or are finally getting to the point that you want to enjoy your outdoor space but don’t have a large budget to install a tiered garden fountain or the many lights, gadgets and tables that go with many outdoor spaces.  Well there are a few great outdoor items that can add big punch, on a small budget!

One of the best ideas for an empty space, with a small budget, is using stepping stones or “steppers” to create a defined space.  We offer many different types of stepping stones from Flip Flop stepping stones, for the beach lover to natural leaf imprints, stepping stones are available in many different shapes and sizes.  One of our favorite stepping stones is the Maple Leaf Stepping Stone  made by Campania International, this stepper is made out of durable cast stone that is designed to last a lifetime.  One of the great things about Campania International products is they are available in a variety of finishes/patinas.  This allows you to decide if you want the detailed stepping stones to pop against your open space, or if you want them to blend naturally into your greenery. Stepping Stones can truly create a beautiful outdoor space on a limited budget.

Another one of our favorites for a small budget is the use of small garden statuary.  You may see many people have very large, stately garden statues in their yards, but truly, the smallest decorations can add a bit of punch to any outdoor space. Our statues that ship via UPS are small in size and price. Think about your own personality when searching for the perfect garden statue.  When on a limited budget, consider what you truly love and bring that into the outdoor.  Less is often more when you narrow down your selections to ones you really adorable.  If you love yoga and the serenity that comes with outdoor living, consider a statue like the Totally Zen Garden Frog.  This adorable little guy will bring a soothing sense to your soul and a smile to your face as you recognize his playfulness. Or maybe a few strategically placed animals like Dreaming Kitty that are sure to be loved by everyone.

Another great choice for a small budget is a fiberglass water fountain.  Fiberglass fountains are a great option for those with a small budget because they are often lighter to ship, allowing them to be priced much lower, getting you a great fountain at a low price!  These fountains are also great options because they are often very easy to put together and most of the time only require adding a pump, water and plugging in.

No matter your budget, here at Garden-Fountains.com, we have a wonderful selection of items that can turn your drab outdoor space into a truly amazing sanctuary!

By: Susan Soler of the Garden-Fountains.com Team