Antique Reproductions for the Garden

Looking for new additions for your outdoor space? If you love antiques you may start thinking about antique pieces you would find at a flea market or a yard sale. Antique reproductions, or look a likes, take the searching out of the equation.


Heirloom Collections


Longwood antique reproductionSome of the best antique reproductions can be found in our heirloom collections.  Whether you enjoy the look of pieces from Longwood Gardens, Historic Williamsburg, or maybe Smithsonian, you can easily find a piece to fit your taste and decor, all in one.


Pieces from these collections preserve the character as well as the imperfections of the original pieces. They also often hold the weathered texture that comes along with an antique piece. It will look as if it’s been passed along from generation to generation. The great part about these reproductions is you do not have to be concerned about putting a very pricing delicate antique outside during all kinds of weather conditions.  Antique reproductions are great options for bringing the old into the new.

Antique Patinas

Cast stone products ordered in weathered patinas are quite affordable. They’re so well done you can almost claim them as county fair finds! Because weathered patinas are hand applied, they create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. These patinas often appear best on pieces that replicate the texture of antique stone.


Whatever style of cast stone accent you choose, adding a patina gives that item more character. But with so many choices, it can be challenging. If you like the look of weathered copper, we suggest choosing the Weathered Copper patina for your Campania International reproductions. The textured nature of these pieces accept this patina beautifully.


If you prefer more neutral tones, we suggest greystone as this is one of the most popular patinas created by Campania International.  The color Greystone has hints of of grey and green that look like aged stone. Especially when you want your piece to look just like your last antique find.


The antique reproductions we have here at are sure to be the perfect choice for your favorite antique lover! By: Susan Soler of the Team