Attracting Birds!

Today, in Suburbia, houses seem to be built right on top of one another practically. In the daily hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to enjoy the simple things. These homes typically lack the outdoor space to really enjoy being in nature, and all it has to offer. Simply watching birds fly and sing is no longer typical. However, this simple way to enjoy the outdoors can be brought to your suburban home.

The addition of a birdbath is a great way to attract local wild birds. Birds love to play in the water, and like humans, need water to survive. Water is a part of their everyday life, including the need to bath to keep their wings healthy and clean. Birds will zone in on where they can easily and safely access water. If you provide them with a water outlet, they are sure to return time and time again.

It is important to not that birds are skittish creatures. Simply placing a low bowl on the ground, filled with water, may not create the results you had hoped for. Our feathery friends need to feel safe and secure when they enter an area. Consider a pedestal birdbath if your space permits. This allows the birds to be higher up, away from predators, like cats, who may be lurking nearby.

If possible, adding a hedge, even if used to mark your boundary lines, will also create a safe haven for the birds to fly into if they feel threatened. Bushes or flowering trees will also work for this purpose. Placing the birdbath near to one of these features will allow the birds to feel more comfortable in your outdoor space, allowing you to enjoy their merry little songs and excitement.

A birdbath should not be too deep. Birds like to bath and groom regularly, so make sure they can do so safely. Also, a birdbath with texture on the basin will help the birds have traction as they flutter in the water. These are just a few ideas of how to bring nature into the business of modern day suburbia. Sometimes it is nice to just sit back, relax, and watch the birds!

By: Susan Soler of the Team