Attracting Birds… without Birdbaths!

An outdoor garden fountain can make a wonderful addition to your outdoor room. They offer a lovely sound and a pleasing aesthetic. The best part about outdoor water features is that they can double as birdbaths. Adding a feature that will draw in delightful wildlife, while adding a charming focal point to your setting is really the perfect accent for any landscape.

Water is a major attraction for birds, and if they find a place where water is a constant, they are more likely to stay. Birds need water to survive, for drinking and bathing. They can hear water from far away, so by adding a tiered fountain the sound will be an attraction for them. They seek out water as a source of joy, play, and a place to escape the heat of summer.

Birds are a joy to watch in a garden, they can provide hours of entertainments as they flutter and fly around. Birds also bring pleasant and cheerful chirping sounds to your setting. A birdbath is another great feature, but the water can become cloudy, dirty, and stagnant if you do not regularly clean and add water to the birdbath. A fountain, however, has constantly moving water and the water recirculate within the fountain. You will need to check the water levels and add water periodically because of evaporation and splashing,  you could also add an Auto Refill Device to Campania Fountains, but either way the water will be cleaner and fresher, and much more inviting to the birds.

A fountain, especially one with tiers, allows for birds to bath and play in the shallow tiers, while the deeper basins allow them to perch on the edges and use the cascading water for a quick shower or drink! This fountain will give you a lovely water feature, and often create added entertainment as birds play and flutter around the fountain! Another option are birdbath/pedestal style fountains.  These water features will create a shallow play and cleaning area for birds.

Besides birds, fountain can provide enjoyment for other wildlife as well. In fact, many animals besides humans are completely fascinated by the power and wonder of water. I’m sure if you have any pets, like dogs or cats, you will find them sneaking a drink, along with chipmunks and squirrels! In fact, most animals prefer to drink from water that is moving, over stagnant and still water. Just be sure to watch your pets carefully, you certainly do not want your pup to jump into the fountain, as this can be risk for both the animal and the fountain!

Large Park fountains are commonly enjoyed by the public and their pets alike; why not add the delight and enjoyment of these water features to your own garden setting, on a smaller scale of course. This will give you all the benefits of a large park fountain right in your own space. You will find delight in watching the water cascades, the shimmer and sparkle created as the sun reflects off it, as well as the lovely shapes and patterns created as the water falls. You will find solace in the soothing sounds of the falling water, and entertainment watching beautiful birds frolic and sing in sheer pleasure at the wonderful gift you have given them! An outdoor garden fountain a great option for a setting where wildlife is encouraged and enjoyed!
By: Susan Soler of the Team