Adding a Piece of History to your Garden with Campania International’s Longwood Gardens Collection

Longwood Garden Claw-Footed Fountain
Longwood Garden Claw-Footed Fountain

When searching for the perfect addition to your outdoor space, you may have come across Campania International.  One of the largest manufacturers in the United States of cast stone fountains, statues, planters, and other accents.  One of the most unique things about Campania International is their pairing with different historical institutions and museum to create garden collections that not only look beautiful, but bring a sense of history right into your own outdoor space.  One collection by Campania International highlights originals that were found in the estate of Pierre du Pont, who was the main founder and designer of Longwood Gardens located in Pennsylvania.

The Longwood Gardens collection by Campania International includes reproductions that date back to as early as the 20th century. These reproductions date back to the 1920s and 30s which was known as the Golden Age of American gardens. Each of the pieces within the collection is made out of cast stone. Ranging from fountains to planters and statues, this stone collection has a certain sense of sophistication and beauty.  The designs taken from Pierre du Pont’s collection showcase his extensive world wide traveling.

Today’s the Longwood Gardens Collection offered by Campania International includes planters planters, one statue, two fountains, and one bench.  This classic collection is designed to work in any outdoor space. From the simple, yet classic design on the Longwood Main Fountain Garden Bench, to the beautiful Longwood Arabesque Urn, each piece in this collection can showcase and dress up an area.  These wonderful pieces allow you the opportunity to enjoy the sites and beauty that Pierre du Pont saw when he created the horticultural legacy.

When choosing a garden accent for your space, you may be overwhelmed by the choices.  A piece from the Longwood Gardens collection is not only beautiful, but also adds a certain sense of history. To view the full collection of Longwood Gardens items offered by for inclusion in your very own outdoor space, click here.

The Longwood Gardens themselves are located in Kennett Square Pennsylvania and include over 1,000 acres of gardens, meadows, and woodlands.  Within these acres there are many formal and informal areas that include heated conservatories and over 11,000 different types of plants. The grounds also include nurseries, water treatment plant, greenhouse production range, and research facilities.  The constantly growing Longwood Gardens is a wonderful location to travel and visit.  With special events occurring for the holidays, you can easily schedule a trip to delight in all the beauty that can be found at Longwood. Be sure to look for pieces that may have been reproduced by Campania International!
By: Susan Soler of the Team