Add Curb Appeal With These Four Creative Planters

The best way to make your home look more aesthetically pleasing on the outside is to create more curb appeal. Curb appeal can be created by adding planters around your home that are filled with beautiful flowers. There are many options available when it comes to planters, and utilizing various heights and sizes can add a lot of character to your yard. The following guide walks you through four planters to consider for your yard.

  1. Using a Wheelbarrow as a Planter

Place a wheelbarrow somewhere in your yard, and plant flowers in it. The wheelbarrow could be turned over on its side or simply placed over a bare spot in the lawn. This is a neat planter idea because it allows you to move the planter around with ease whenever you choose. It’s best to plant cascading flowers in the wheelbarrow so they can gently fall over the edges as they grow.

  1. Using Cinder Blocks to Create a Wall of Flowers

Line up six cinder blocks next to one another lengthwise. Stack a second set of five blocks on top of them. Center them so that half of a block is left open on each end. The blocks should be arranged so that the holes are facing toward the sky. Continue with the pattern, adding one block less per level until a pyramid is created. Fill each open hole with potting soil, and then plant small flowers in each hole. You can even create a DIY garden if you plant berry bushes in the openings. If you want to give the planters even more character, you can paint the cinder blocks with outdoor paint.

  1. Create Planters Out of Clay

If you are someone who enjoys being creative and artistic, consider creating your own planters. You can purchase air-dry clay at any craft store. Take the clay and knead it to make it soft. Cut the top off of a plastic two-liter bottle, and then mold a thin layer of the clay around the bottle. Be sure to mold some of the clay over the top edges of the bottle so the bottle cannot be seen. Allow the clay to harden, and then paint it any color or design you want. When you place the plants in the planter, you don’t have to worry about water leaking out of the porous clay because the bottle will create a waterproof barrier between the soil and the clay planter.

  1. Use Trash Cans as Planters

Buy inexpensive plastic trash cans at any home improvement store. For each dramatic planter, you will need one large trash can and two smaller trash cans. Place one of the smaller trash cans upside down inside the larger trash can. Put the second smaller trash can on top of the upside down trash can, facing the sky. Lastly, put a cascading plant in the small trash can, and allow the branches to drape down over the edge of the large trash can. It will create a very dramatic look while costing very little money. If you want to create a more elegant look, you can spray paint the large trash can with stone or marble spray paint.

All of these planters are relatively inexpensive and easy to use. They will add a lot of visual impact to your yard and give your home the curb appeal you want with minimal effort on your part.