9 Types of Landscaping Styles to Consider

When selecting a type of landscaping design, there are many styles to consider. Tropical design can include a swimming pool, hammock, tiki statues, and bamboo. Plenty of tall trees plus stone pathways and wooden benches are featured in woodland style. On the other hand, prairie style might have herbaceous flowering plants and switchgrass. A desert landscape can be filled with succulents, heat-resistant furniture, and a gazebo. An English garden may have a pond or reflecting pool, while a Japanese garden could feature a koi pond or waterfall. Tuscan, Spanish and French are other styles to consider. When choosing, think about climate, weather and maintenance level.

Key Takeaways:

  • For a woodland landscape, consider both hardwood and softwood trees, stone pathways, wooden benches, and birdhouses.
  • Often low maintenance, desert landscaping makes use of succulent plants, Southwest-style designs, and even a fire pit.
  • A Japanese garden may include a koi pond or waterfall, while an English garden could feature a pond or reflecting pool.

“When choosing a type of landscaping design, keep in mind your ultimate goals, such as designing your yard for children, sustainability, entertaining or relaxation.”

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