5 Gardening Gifts to Make Their Dorm, Feel Like Home

Lately, do you find yourself lost in thought about your teen heading off to college?  What types of school supplies to purchase, when to order books, who will be their dorm mate?  If you do, then just know you are not alone.  

It’s that time of year when many parents have anxiety about sending their teens out on their own to live on college campuses.  They do all they can for their child to help minimize the stress of leaving home and living every day on their own, no longer under their parent’s watchful eye. This can be taxing to new college students. So what can you do to help your child feel comforted when you are not there? Help them create a touch of home within their dorm space. It’s easy to create a little gift together that they can bring with them that reminds them of home.

Here are 5 easy gardening gifts for the dorm room that can remind your child of home with the added benefit of medicinal and calming remedies.

1. DIY Upside Down Planters

You can create upside down, hanging planters using old canisters, water bottles or empty peanut butter jars. Once you have selected your planter, punch a whole in the bottom leaving enough space for the plant to grow through and hang. Decorate the can/planter with materials that remind your child of home; for example wrap the planter in a living room curtain fabric or a piece of a favorite quilt that perhaps grandma made. Then attach a string for hanging. Luckily, Design Sponge has provided a step-by-step guide to help create the perfect DIY planter hangers. Click here for directions.

2. Chalkboard Paint

Get some small mini pots for your teen and plant either herbs or succulents for them to have at their disposal. For sure, they’ll need a dash of something extra, like parsley after making that 15th cup of Ramen Noodles. If you select succulents,  try an Aloe Vera plant for your chalk pot. They are pretty, but also contain medicinal benefits. For an example, if your youth gets a paper cut, they can just open a leaf of the Aloe Vera plant to quickly relieve the pain and stimulate healing. Creating these pots is fun. Purchase chalkboard paint from any arts and crafts store. Paint the pots with the chalkboard paint. Then using a chalkboard marker, you may write inspiring quotes or just a cute message that conveys to your aspiring collegiate that you believe in them.

3. Vertical Wall Planter

Although this craft is a little bit more time consuming, it is perfect to do with your child before they go off to college. This process creates opportunities for bonding that will stay with you both always. Once the vertical wall hanger is complete, you both can admire the art you created together and treasure the time spent. If you want to know exactly how to make the wall planter in this picture, head over to The House that Lars Built and read how they put this beautiful wall feature together.

4. Wall Flower

Any real garden enthusiast wouldn’t be caught dead trying to put fake flowers together. However, you have to remember college students have a lot on their plate and taking care of plants is probably last on their agenda. So here is a way you can perform a project together at home and bring it with them to college. All it takes is an arrangement of their favorite flowers and hot glue. This is probably the easiest DIY project that your son or daughter can do with you. If you really want to give it some meaning, pick a flower that symbolizes new beginnings or success to arrange for their wall decoration. You can find a guide to help you make this wall decoration on Sweet Teal.

5. Face Planters


Lastly, this gift is not only memorable but also comical! No matter how tough it may get for your college student, you will keep them smiling with this DIY gift. Create this alone and surprise your teen. I assure you it’s simple and easy to do. Just grab a pot or empty bottle and get a close up picture and simply glue the picture onto the planter, add wheat grass or succulents into the pot and that’s it!  You now have a face planter – a for sure way to make them feel like you are with them every step of the way. Avso has a great diagram on how you can create your own, unique planter. Click here to see the diagram.

Yes, your child is off to college, probably loving the thought of finally having some freedom. This is true now, but in time they will soon miss home. When that happens, you’ll be there for them. In the meantime, it’s nice for them to have a reminder right in their dorm room that they can look at every day and that will fill them with the warmth of home. So make sure to get some quality time in with your precious child and remember to give them a gift that lets them know home is wherever the heart is.  Happy crafting!