5 Flowers that Bloom in the Fall

You may think that because the weather is beginning to get a little cooler that your days of relishing the aroma of fragrant flowers is gone. Well, we’re here to tell you that even though the season is changing it doesn’t mean you have to give up the fresh floral scents you’ve come to enjoy these pasts months. You can still plant fall-blooming flowers that exude the same colorful beauty and floral freshness that you’ve enjoyed all summer long. 

Here are 5 of the best choices for fall blooming flowers: 

1. Nippon DaisyThe Nippon Daisy also known as Montauk Daisy offers their admirers an explosion of perky, white flowers late-in-the-season.  The Nippon Daisy is easy to care for and thrives in full sun and well-drained soil. What is special about these flowers is that they will keep their beautiful white and yellow color right up until a strong freeze. 

“Always have something beautiful insight, even if it’s just a daisy in a jelly glass”.  -Unknown

Planting tip: Plant these daisies in a sunny location with well-drained soil.

2. Marigolds These beautiful flowers are round and full almost like pompoms. Something about them just puts you in a cheerful mood. They bloom all summer until the first frost. Pick the Signet or French Marigold for a classic fall look. 

“As for marigolds, poppies, hollyhocks, and valorous sunflowers, we shall never have a garden without them, both for their own sake, and for the sake of old fashioned folks, who used to love them”.  – Henry Ward Beecher

Planting tip: Place the pot where the marigold is exposed to at least six hours of sunlight. Water the marigold when the top of the soil is dry; approximately 1 to 2 inches dry.

3. GoldenrodIt’s just as it sounds. This flower is a golden yellow in color and is heat and drought-tolerant. If you are looking to fill up your garden consider planting the newer hybrids as they are compact and produce more flowers. 

“I know the lands are lit, with all the autumn blaze of Goldenrod”.  –Helen Hunt Jackson

Planting tip: Planting goldenrods is pretty easy. They grow well in just about any condition although they love growing in the sun. They also can adjust to many soil types.

4. Oriental LilyThe Oriental Lily can come in many colors. They are exotic looking and produce star-like shape blooms.  You have to be patient with these flowers as it may take a year or two for them to make a big impression but once they do you won’t regret it. Enjoy the color and the fragrance with these beauties in your fall garden. 

“The older I get the more I trust in the law according to which the rose and the lily bloom”. 

Planting Tip: Prefers deep rich soil so consider adding compost or manure to your dirt to help these beauties grow.

5. SunflowerIf you want to show off your fall garden then plant some sunflowers. It’s hard to miss the sight of the long stalk flower as it stands tall and shines brightly with its yellow pedals. Did you know Sunflowers could remove toxins, such as lead and arsenic from contaminated soil? Next time you plant sunflowers know that you are doing your soil justices. 

“The Flower that follows the sun does so even on cloudy days”.

Planting Tip: Best locations for sunflowers are in the sun, hence the name “sunflower”. They grow well in just about any soil as long as it doesn’t get waterlogged.

Although we only named 5 there are several flowers that bloom in the fall season. If you want to see more fall flowers check out 12 Spectacular Annual Fall Flowers by Costa Farms. Don’t think your gardening days are put on hold since the weather decided to start getting a little nippy. The beautiful garden you had in the summer can also be in the fall. All you have to do is decide which flowers are right for you, plan ahead, plant and take awe in the beauty you’ve created.  After all, Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower”. – Albert Camus