10 Ways to Dress Up a Drab Concrete Patio

There are many different ways that you can dress up a new or already existing concrete patio. Concrete is very versatile and therefore allows for many different possibilities when it comes to ideas. You also can add accessories to your patio to make it unique. Patio furniture has both a visual impact and also affects the atmosphere of your patio. Wicker designs, as well as wooden seating, are very popular currently. Finally, a concrete patio is great for a smaller backyard as it is both practical and appealing as an addition to the home.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shade and shelter is a great way to protect your patio from bad weather and it also allows you to use it in the winter with a patio heater.
  • Having water in your concrete patio such as a pool can be incorporated when the patio itself is being constructed. You can also use a fountain or waterfall.
  • Patio furniture can affect both visuals and the atmosphere of your patio. Wicker designs are very popular as are wooden seating.

“Today‚Äôs homeowner has almost limitless possibilities when it comes to creative concrete patio ideas. Not only is there a tremendous choice of concrete pavers, framing and pouring methods make it possible to realize almost any structural element. Once the patio is in place, it can be accessorized to suit any taste.”

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