10 Tips for Creating the Most Interesting Garden

Debra Knapke, in Northwest Columbus, is a former horticultural educator, who once taught at Columbus State Community College. Napke has a well-earned moniker in her corner of the world. She is regarded as the garden sage. Besides having a lovely, restful, spacious garden, Napke has also made it a fount of learning for those that care to pass through it. It brings to life the scientific heritage of the plants on view. To be like Knapke and create a space with a proscribed mission in your small world junction, rather than just a grass border with some topiary, or a few flowers were thrown in, consider the following. Add garden art to your verdant world. Your outdoors can have more than organic and natural beauty. Use a fountain, or statue to make a statement unique to your purpose. Add fragrant herbs to your garden. They perk up your annuals and perennials in a variety of ways, including by luring in useful pollinators. Grown your own edibles. There is just as much appeal and color in a bouquet of carrots and other earthy veggies as there is in pansies. Plan ahead for autumn by planting trees that will showcase their decaying leaves with panache. In the winter leave your seed heads for the foragers to find.

Key Takeaways:

  • Debra Knapkeā€™s Northwest Columbus garden is a place where people across Central Ohio can come visit and learn about gardening.
  • Grow your our stuff in the garden, from stuff that attracts pollinators to your own food to little self-sowers who add a little surprise to the garden.
  • Knapke’s last tip is that the garden can be edited here and there but it cannot be fully controlled.

“Self-sowers are plants that drop seeds in a garden before they die, allowing new plants to emerge the next year.”

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